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Class Dojo is a Great Tool for the Modern Education Environment

In 2011 two entrepreneurs named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don cofounded ClassDojo. This communication platform was designed to create a direct link between teachers and their students to create a better educational experience. ClassDojo is also used to help teachers and their pupils to create a positive learning environment. Educators that use this product can accurately track a student’s hard work, creativity, efforts at teamwork, their persistence and even their curiosity. The education environment can be challenging. Teachers, parents and students all have their own reasons for being involved within this process. Often times, no one is on the same page. ClassDojo can help to clear some this confusion. Parents, their children and educators can now all be in tune with one another and their needs. Teachers can send information about a student directly to their parents. This way they do not have to rely on a student to relay a message. Since ClassDojo is available in app form, parents and teachers can communicate directly with one another about the progress of a student and their behavior. The developers of ClassDojo wants their app to be used to create a positive classroom environment. When students have a positive learning environment they can focus more and better receive instruction. The app has photo, instant messaging and video sharing capabilities. This is a great way for instructors, parents and pupils to send and receive messages from one another about what is going on in the classroom. Teachers can use ClassDojo to provide instruction from their tablets and/or smartphones. Parents can receive weekly updates on their child’s progress in school and students can frequently check ClassDojo to see what they should do to improve their overall learning experience. ClassDojo provides a ground up change for students and for the learning environment as a whole. Here is something else that ClassDojo has to offer. This application is free to use and it is a useful tool for administrators. The principals and a district’s superintendent must be able to track a school’s performance and progress. While ClassDojo is not designed to replace processes that are used for this purposes; it can be used to give a quick summary about a school’s overall performance. This is a simple and easy way for schools to see how they are progressing all throughout the year. ClassDojo is not going to replace traditional evaluation processes within the school system. However, it is going to improve how classrooms function and learn. There are currently over 3.5 million ClassDojo users who agree that this app is valuable to the field of education.


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Alexei Beltyukov Drives Towards Achieving The Best In The Education Sector.

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian citizen and a top-notch business person who has established some organizations in Russia. Beltyukov is the founder and the president of Endemic Capital Limited. Sir Alexei created Endemic Capital with a primary aim of providing funds to start-up companies based in Russia. Beltyukov is a humanitarian who has been offering community services to better the Russians lives.

Beltyukov has also been providing an opportunity for the youths willing to attend business schools by establishing higher learning institutions. He is also the president of A-ventures Company, a firm that was set up to finance Russian companies when undergoing financial economics. His dedication and commitments towards making Russia a just society has earned him great fame in the community.

Entrepreneur Alexei also works in close association with the government to offer quality financial solutions and consultation services. To achieve this, he serves as the Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation. The foundation also targets the entrepreneurs establishing branches all over Russia. Beltyukov is also a master’s holder in Business Administration, a course that has mostly helped to achieve in the business sector.

Recently, made a post about the contributions made by Alexei Beltyukov in both the Russia’s financial and education sectors. The primary focus of Alexei Beltyukov has been in the entrepreneurship sector, a field that has returned huge returns. Apart from being a mastermind in the area of business, he is also a medicine expert. He is also the chair of other companies such as Mechanicus enterprises and the gas Solutions Limited. Mr. Beltyukov is also a senior executive in FORO Energy Investments.

Recently, Alexei hit the limelight of his career after establishing the best start-up company ever in Russia. is one of the best software’s aimed at improving the education ministry in Russia. The software has already caught the attention of major departments in the education department. opening day brought together stakeholders in the department, most of them being the school administrators, teachers, and senior officials in the government.

According to Beltyukov, will help raise the performance of students in the mathematic subject. was specially designed software to solve mathematical problems in a simpler way and an efficient manner that can be easily understood. Also, the software will increase the understanding of mathematic problems by monitoring the trend of students in the class hence rendering teachers’ easy work.

According to Alexei, will bring a revolution in the education sector as students will have diverse ways of solving mathematical problems.

Shaygan Kheradpir the New Face of Coriant


The management structure and competence of a company determine to a large degree its future success. Tech companies particularly must engage the services of revolutionaries, innovators, and great thinkers to meet changing demands.

Coriant, a tech establishment seems to have made an excellent appointment of their new CEO. The Munich-based firm also has offices in Naperville, USA. Shaygan Kheradpir becomes the new face of the company, and his appointment has received massive public approval. At just 28 years of age, one would dismiss Shaygan as an inexperienced manager, but the truth is that Shaygan has done exceptionally well in his career.

Even at a young age, his innovative genius is evident for all who have worked with him. He started out as an electrical engineer and has an exceptional administrative record in finance and marketing strategy. Under his reign, Coriant’s sales may double and make greater profits as a multinational. Its optical transport and planning solutions act as their key to global expansion.

Shaygan will harmonize the resources at his disposal including over 3000 employees to upgrade existing systems and serve an increasing number of international clients. Coriant has recently been contracted by multinationals such as China Unicom, Telia Sonera International, and BSNL. The tech firm will need to up its game if it’s going to meet international standards and serve these giants diligently.

The story of Coriant proves startups can find their place in a crowded corporate space. All that is needed is innovation and formulation of practical solutions. Coriant owes much of its startup mileage to the Marlin Equity Partners hedge fund. Before Marlin sponsored Coriant’s operations, it was a subsidiary of the Nokia Siemens Networks Cooperation. The investment bank also acquired another tech startup known as Tellabs with the intention of merging it with Coriant. This acquisition adds to Coriant’s infrastructure and the creative process.

Interestingly, Shaygan has been serving at the Marlin Equity Partners for several years now. It’s here that his experience and skills got noticed by the management. This appointment, therefore, sees him swap roles the outgoing CEO Pat DiPietro. The outgoing boss made the acquisition of Tellabs possible and had also been an influential stakeholder in Coriant’s expansion Strategy.

Earlier in his career, Shaygan worked with Verizon as the Chief Information Officer and also vice president. The Barclays bank and GTE have also experienced his input.

Kevin Seawright Teams With RPS Solutions To Make Home Ownership Attainable

CEO Kevin Seawright is attempting to make homes more affordable for residents of Baltimore. If you are a first time homeowner, you could qualify with the help of RPS Solutions LLC.

Seawright and his joint partnership with the company is part of his vision to strengthen Baltimore County. The goal is to exceed the current ownership rate of 48% and enrich the lives of people living in the Baltimore Square Community. “I believe we are making huge strides for the people in this community,” said Seawright when talking to LocalTalkNews.

Seawright says its very rewarding to see communities and the individuals who live within them become more stable. Seawright says it is being achieved one home at a time. Raising home ownership is a great thing according to Seawright. Offering individuals a means to have something to call their own gives them a sense of pride.

Seawright and RPS Solutions is helping many Baltimore communities thrive. Each new homeowner is helping the community get closer to its goal of 100% ownership.

RPS Solutions LLC was created in 2015 as a means to help would be homeowners move closer to the American dream. The company renovates and builds affordable homes in lower income communities. The company’s goal is to help grow Baltimore and help achieve the goal of matching home-ownership levels statewide.

Kevin Seawright is a financial guru who has worked for a number of local, state and federal organizations. The Philadelphia native currently serves as CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation, a position he’s held for three years according to Vizualize.

Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore for nearly 10 years. He was finance manager for the city and implemented several programs to save money. He has won numerous achievement awards and sits on a number of local boards. In his spare time, he coaches little league, and Tweets about issues of the day.   Read more about Kevin on XRepublic.

Queens of Drama: A Closer Look At Crystal Hunt

Television is where the stars are born, but it is also where drama unfolds. Some stars on television know a little more than others about drama, especially stars that were featured in successful soap operas. One of those stars is Crystal Hunt who has made an exciting return to television to play a peculiar role. She is playing a dramatized version of herself in the hit show, Queens of Drama. Queens of Drama is a scripted reality TV show that debuted on the POP network back in April 26th, 2015.

Who is Crystal Hunt?

Crystal Hunt, as a member of the Queens of Drama, plays a version of herself that may surprise a few people that know her work or who she is. The person that Hunt plays is actually a blend between some of the characters that she has played before, so there definitely is a controlling streak in her Hunt portrayal.

But there is also another part that some fans may not know about, which is her business savyness. Hunt showcases her business skills and creative abilities to help the group produce their idea for an exciting new soap opera. Hunt also shows how successful she has been with her pet boutique.

Beyond being a photographer, Hunt’s life has definitely been eventful enough to participate in this reality TV show. She started pageants at the age of 2 and, to no surprise, her talent in all her beauty pageants was always acting. Hunt appeared in a few commercials before she got the role that put her in the spotlight, which was the role of Lizzy Spaulding in the Guiding Light soap opera. Hunt also starred in One Life to Live where she played the villainous, Stacy Morasco.

The Queens of Drama Series Uncovered

The series premiered with a full 10 episode first season. The show introduced all the queens, which included many more stars of soap operas that would excite any fan. The show stars Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills.

Donna Mills plays the groups queen bee, and the most erratic of the bunch. Every character plays an essential role in their constant struggle with the life of a soap opera star as well as their mutual goal of creating a new soap opera. The group struggles with introducing a soap opera that could entice a new generation of television-viewers, which makes for great drama.  For more on the show, follow Crystal Hunt on Facebook, and check out some of the great interviews with the girls on YouTube.

Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Thinks Bernie Sanders Is A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton

Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan-born founder of the Human Rights Foundation, is not a big fan of socialism. If there was ever a country not to emulate when it comes to political and governmental policies, it is the socialist authoritarianism in Venezuela. Venezuela is a mess. The drop in oil prices has sent the country into a deep recession. The President of Venezuela has no clue how to manage a country, and social unrest is at its boiling point. Thor Halvorssen recently talked about socialism on a Fox News report, and he said Bernie Sanders Democratic socialism is not the same as the socialism that is in place in Venezuela.


Americans are scared of the word socialism. Socialism and communism have been the arch enemies of democracy for centuries. The issue is not the words or their meanings it is the translations of the words that cause the fear and panic. Countries like Sweden and Norway are socialist countries and they function better than the United States functions in terms of healthcare, social benefits, and yes, even freedom. The fact is, all capitalistic countries evolve into socialistic states in one way or another. Bernie Sanders is telling Americans that they need an element of socialism in the government in order for it to function effectively.


Even though Halvorssen is against socialism, he and his group are supporting Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen believes Clinton’s track record disqualifies her as a leader and many people think the same thing. Sanders, on the other hand, has an excellent political reputation, and he’s been able to deal with both political parties equally. In a sense, Sanders is an independent dressed like a Democrat. Bernie has given Americans a lot to think about. He may lose the race, but he has won the respect of millions of Americans for taking a stand against the establishment and promoting the rights of all Americans.

If Sanders wins the election, the United States will enter a new political and social phase, and it will change the face and the attitude of the nation. The nation needs a reboot and Sanders is offering a good one.

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Fixing Professor Melissa Click’s Reputation

University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click knows first hand how easy it is for one mistake to change your entire reputation. Her entire life was turned around after she was filmed during a student protest. Click believes that she should be judged by her experience and merit as a teacher not a mistake she made when making a split second decision. That is why she is working with Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, to help rebuild her reputation.


Melissa Click has been a teacher for 12 years, and has demonstrated remarkable success, both in and out of the classroom. But that all changed, when during a student protest, she was caught on camera, calling for “some muscle” to remove a journalist covering the protests. She was suspended from teaching and charged with third degree assault. It was a grave mistake, and she knows it, which is why she turned to Status Labs for help. She is hoping that she can help repair the damage she has done to her reputation and get her teaching degree back.


Melissa Click has reached out, with the help of Status Labs to help defend her positions. She agreed to several interviews including one with US Today, in order to help tell her side of the story. According to Click, she was simply trying to defend and protect the student protesters from what had become an unruly and hostile crowd. She knows that her language was harsh, but she believes she was working with the best interests of the students in mind during what was a hostile and emotional time.


Status Labs has successfully handled the reputation of many people like Melissa Click. They are an online reputation management firm that works with their clients to help keep negative information from damaging their reputation.

Status Labs offers a number of unique services that allow their customers to adapt to the changing needs of public relations and reputation management. Founded by Darius Fisher, the firm serves over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries around the world. Status Labs has headquarters in Austin, New York and San Paulo. Follow them on Instagram @statuslabs to keep up with their news and events.

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Five Tips Given by Brad Reifler to help the 99% of Individuals Achieve Investment Success

With well-versed experience and knowledge in investment and entrepreneurial activities, Brad Reifler pinpointed several investment tips for ordinary individuals looking forward to making an investment venture with satisfactory returns. The tips given by Reifler are meant to help the 99% of people in the world. This is because 1% of the people dominate the investment world. Consequently, they plan and invest in public, commodity, and hedge funds. The strategies for investment appear as a reserve for the wealth since the government restricts people with limited capital from accessing such funds.

Reifler’s Investment Counsel

1. Reifler suggested that individual ought to be wary about the manner they invest their money. Subsequently, they should first think about the charges, risks, and expenses before making any investment plan.

2. Individuals should take the safety of their money into consideration.

3. Reifler also cautioned individuals against putting all their financial wealth into the stock market.

4. Before entrusting any individual to invest your money, Reifler suggested that potential investors ought to assess the trustworthiness of the preferred fund manager.

5. Further, he suggested that individuals require identifying their investment objectives or reasons for investing in various projects before putting their money into the desired ventures. The Original information was posted to Wikipedia.

An Insight into Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler is renowned for founding and managing the Forefront Capital, which he started in May 2009.His business ingenuity triggered the title, serial entrepreneur. Before founding the Forefront Capital, he began by creating Reifler Trading Company, which was bought by Refco in 2000.Apart from being a former founder and manager of Pali Capital, Reifler has managed other companies such as Foresight Research Solutions, Genesis Securities, and the European American Investment Bank.

Currently, he is the CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC, which also operates various subsidiaries including the Forefront Capital Management, Forefront Capital Markets, and Forefront Advisory. The Forefront Group is a wealth management company offering advisory services to investors and institutions on a non-discretionary and discretionary basis.  Read on at, which has an in depth summary of Reifler’s career up to this point.

Sam Tabar: Versatility in His Specialty

How does one describe and put into words the man that is Sam Tabar? He is a diamond in the rough, that is for sure. He is someone that has seen a lot, done a lot, and been a lot of places. He has a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in many, many areas. Right now, he is a capital strategist in the word of hedge funding. He is currently dominating that field and making waves. You see, with someone like Sam Tabar, when he does something, he doesn’t just do it half way. He does it all the way and puts his heart and soul into it. It means something to him.

Passion and creativity are two other words that describe Sam Tabar. From a young age, he has always had a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. If he doesn’t know something, he wants to learn it as quickly as possible. He truly believes that knowledge is power and backs that up with his training. He has worked with several nations and learned many languages. No matter where he is, he wants to stand out, make an impression, and be a man of the people. He knows French, Japanese, and his native tongue, which is English as Twitter makes clear.

Not only does LinkedIn show he has the experience, but he also has the schooling to back it up, showing the discipline necessary to finish school. This ties back to the knowledge theme and him wanting to know as much as possible. He has degrees from Oxford University, as well as the Columbia School of Law. Those aren’t schools to snooze at, as they are some of the best, if not, the best in the states. Because of his legal training, he knows what is right and what is fair.

This is vitally important, because sometimes we live in a world where the good guy doesn’t always win and the bad guy sometimes gets the win. With Sam Tabar, that will never be the case. He is a good guy and will continue to fight for the good guys. He believes the world will be a better place if more good guys win and more good guys do the right thing. With him out there, fighting the good fight, we can rest easy, knowing there is a good guy with experience, knowledge, and power to do something about it. Sam Tabar is a true original.  Contact him through Thumbtack, or follow the future of his investment work on

Former Police Officers Association President Accuses District Attorney to a Task Force

Gary Delagnes served twenty-five years on the San Francisco police force, nine of them as president of the Police Officers Association. He retired in 2013. Early in March this year, he testified to a task force set up by George Gascon, District Attorney, to investigate alleged racism, gender bias and homophobia within the police department.

Gascon served as the San Francisco Chief of Police from 2009 to 2011, when he became District Attorney. Delagnes told the task force that he and Gascon worked well together. Although Gascon now portrays the POA as a force holding back reform in the department, he never expressed such an opinion while he was the Chief of Police.

Delagnes also said he and Gascon routinely spoke together several times a week. They sometimes ate dinner together, and met for coffee every Tuesday.

During their conversations, Gascon never indicated he thought the force was affected by racism, homophobia or gender bias. He had few issues with the POA or most of the rank and file officers. They were able to resolve most disciplinary matters. Delagnes said they often discussed the department, and Gascon was very frank. He was also very fair. He never criticized the department’s system of disciplinary actions or the POA’s approach.

Delagnes pointed out that although Gascon now complains of how the police department has an old boys’ network, as chief he himself contributed to that by promoting men who graduated from Catholic high schools or Lowell.

Delagnes’s most damaging statements, however, consists of a description of a 2010 in Cambridge Massachusetts. Delagnes, Gascon and Martin Halloran, current POA president, attended a police union leadership forum put on by Harvard Law School.

He made multiple disparaging comments about minorities. He spoke so loudly that an African-American man asked him to hold it down because Gascon was offending the man’s family. Halloran, in his statement to the task force, backed up Delagnes’s description of Gascon’s behavior at the event.

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