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Venezuelan Agricultural Entrepreneur José Manuel González Is Speaking Out Against Government Policies

During the socialist reign of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela enjoyed the benefits of having the richest oil reserves in the world. The Chavez government was making more money than they could spend, but Chavez did his best to spend every dime and then some. Chavez died in 2013, and he passed his socialist ways to former truck driver and political newbie, Nicolás Maduro. Maduro didn’t know how to run a country, but he did know how to spend money and pocket some for his retirement.

When the price of crude oil began to drop in 2015, Maduro was faced with an enormous amount of overseas debt and shrinking oil exports. The cash cow that had given Maduro a get-out-of-economic-jail free card was expiring, and Maduro did what any inexperienced leader would do. He cut government programs and began enforcing policies that put companies out of business. Men like agricultural entrepreneur José Manuel González were faced with important decisions, and they had no help from the government.

But José Manuel González wasn’t like the other businessmen that stood by and let the Maduro policies ruin their lives. González decided to become politically involved and start the process of getting Maduro removed from office. Mr. González is the deputy of the National Assembly in his hometown of Guárico, and he has been an important player in the agricultural segment of Venezuelan’s economy. José predicted that Venezuela was going to face severe repercussions for the decisions that Maduro was making, and he was vocal about them. Maduro considered González part of the opposition, but José didn’t care. The people of Venezuela were suffering more than ever, and González believed the suffering was unnecessary.

The shortage of simple things like toilet paper and the closing of factories that had been in business for years infuriated González. He decided to take an active part in a referendum to remove Maduro from office. More than 400,000 people have signed a petition to start the referendum that could eventually remove Maduro as president. González thinks that referendum could succeed by the end of 2016.

Norka Luque: A Peek Into the Story of a Rising Star

Norka Luque, who is actually Norka Martinez Luque, has made a real splash on the music scene. The truth is it is the journey that Luque took that truly makes her story stand out from the rest. Those who have met her know that she is a sweet, positive girl who has a real drive to realize all of her dreams. Luque has a personality that simply does not mix with obstacles. Luque was born in Venezuela, which is where she discovered her love for music and where she got most of her inspiration.

Norka’s parents were great to her and showed unconditional support regarding her dream. Her parents enlisted her in voice classes, music classes, ballet, flamenco, and piano classes. Of course, Norka promised to continue her education as she pursued her dreams, which is exactly what she did. In fact, her studies took her all the way to France. It was there where she studied Business Administration. She received several degrees like her Culinary Arts degree, as well as her Marketing and Fashion degree. There was no doubt that Norka took studying seriously, like her parents wanted, but she also joined a band in France.

Her dream was alive but not much was happening until Emilio Estefan Jr. met her and showed some interest in her. Norka Luque refers to this opportunity as the one act in her life that confirmed that miracles are possible because it gave her the opportunity to finally realize her dream of being a singer. Emilio helped guide Norka Luque, and a team of talented composers and artists, to create her first big single called Milagro. Milagro means “miracle” in Spanish. Norka is promoting this single with the help of El Cata. The song has already been featured in the US, Puerto Rico, and her home country of Venezuela. To her surprise, the song has been well-received and is a bona-fide hit. The song is a blend of all the sounds she grew up with (or came in contact with), such as a Caribbean sound, reggae, and even Mediterranean sounds.

It is clear to see that her power as a singer and artist is strong enough to propel her dreams much further, though she has learned to take everything one step at a time. Norka Luque is definitely excited to see where she goes from here, but one thing is for sure: a star has risen.

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James Dondero and Linda Owen Are Now Working Together

James Dondero is an esteemed professional who also is Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s president and co-founder. Highland Capital Management is a renowned asset management company that’s located in Dallas, Texas. It was created in 1993. Dondero has just joined forces with a prominent area civic leader by the name of Linda Owen. Owen used to work as the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. The goal behind this collaboration is to offer strategic guidance and advice to Dondero’s company’s philanthropic efforts. Highland Capital Management has a charitable giving incentive that’s getting stronger and larger by the day.

Owen is going to function as Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving director. She’ll be working alongside The Dallas Foundation. This foundation is in charge of Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving resources.

James Dondero noted that Owen has a strong history of constructing successful public-private efforts in the city. He also noted that Owen has similar goals to the team at Highland Capital Management. She wants to do something positive and enduring for the community. Highland Capital Management’s yearly donations exceed $3 million. They give a lot to a variety of charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation. They’re particularly devoted to medical care, education, the city in general and veterans. Standout beneficiaries have been the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Dallas Zoo.

Dondero lives in Dallas, where his company operates. He’s been heavily involved in equity and credit markets for more than three decades. He concentrates on both distressed and high-yield investment matters. Dondero is a passionate philanthropist. He has been committed to a wide array of causes throughout the years. Public policy, veterans’ matters and education are all immensely valuable and meaningful subjects to him. Dondero in the past worked for American Express. He held portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst positions at the large company. Dondero began working for American Express in 1985 and left the company four years later in 1989. Dondero is a University of Virginia alumnus. He attended the McIntire School of Commerce and majored in both finance and accounting.

Keith Mann’s Donations

Keith Mann is an individual with decades of experience with working in executive positions. Keith Mann’s specialties specifically are within hedge fund compensation as well as staffing and hiring strategies. Keith Mann is the proud owner of the Dynamic Search Partners which was founded in 2009 in order to provide expert advice to individuals in both the public and private sector. This alternative investment firm is responsible in hiring investments, marketing and internal strategies, as well as building new and improved platforms for clients. Though he is the CEO of the company, Keith Mann sees his employees everyday and has create a close-knit community within the firm that is dedicated to providing clients with the best business options. Currently the company is an international company that works with clients that are located in Asia, Europe, as well as the United States.

In recent news, Keith Mann and his team at the Dynamic Search Partners have been showing their side of philanthropy. Keith Mann is specifically involved in new ways of improving the education of schools in the city of New York. One of the many donations that Keith Mann continues to make is to the Uncommon School which consists of branches in New York City that offer free education to children with the intent of motivating them to attend college after graduation. Keith Mann and his partnership with the new school has helped to raise $22,000 in funds for school testing for the students of the Uncommon Schools.

Like the Uncommon Schools, Keith is a strong supporter of the education movement. To improve wealth and to improve the overall income of individuals, the key is to reach a higher level of education. Though Keith Mann realizes that this is often impossible especially when one is growing up in a low-income family. Keith Mann hopes that his continuous donations to the branches of schools help improve every single student’s testing capabilities as well as opportunity to go to college. Keith Mann has even created a new scholarship in his name that goes to the high school senior that has demonstrated his full potential.

Diversant: Going the Extra Mile

When you are talking about IT staffing, you want a company that is going to work harder than the next to find you the job you have been looking for. Let’s face it: you have worked hard to be in this position. It didn’t happen by accident. It took years of education, studying, and working incredibly hard to be in the spot where you can work for an IT professional. However, Diversant believes that you deserve a company like them that is going to work hard to find the right fit for you. After all, this is the job you are going to have for quite a while and it will be your career, so you want it to be somewhere you enjoy going to work, each and every day.

If you dislike your job and it isn’t the right fit, you are going to become very unhappy. They ask the right questions, get inside your mind, and truly bend over backwards to find the right solution for you in terms of job placement. On their website, they talk about looking beyond the resume and beyond the the job description. They truly want to know the right man or the woman for the job. They take the extra time to look things over that other companies might not think to look at or they might look over it very quickly without giving it the proper time or care that it deserves.

When you look at their leadership and advisory board, there is one man that stands out, however, and that is John Goullet. Everyone plays a vital part in the company, without question, and it wouldn’t work if they weren’t a team that worked together, stayed together, and were on the same page. Goullet has owned his own company before and his company rose in five years to gain $30 million dollars. Fortune 500 companies that have built giant empires and have huge staffs that would rely on John to help them if a problem arose. That is the kind of clout and reputation he is in the IT world and it speaks for itself.

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Eric Pulier is Making the World a Better Place

There aren’t many people out there that can say that they have started and founded over 15 companies that have become successful. Eric Pulier, however, is one of those individuals. Eric has had a passion for technology since a very young age and has turned that passion into many different successful business ventures over the years. Some of the companies that Eric has founded include Digital Evolution, U.S. Interactive Incorporated, Media Platform Incorporated, ServiceMesh Incorporated, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council to name a few. The majority of all of these companies are based upon technology and have received financial backing by some of the most renowned venture capitalist in the world.

Eric is also well known for his incredible philanthropy efforts of which many are focused on utilizing technology to solve crucial problems that are plaguing financially challenged communities in countries around the world. Eric’s philanthropy efforts are also highly focused on increasing the quality of life of children suffering from terminal and chronic illnesses through technology and innovative thinking. Eric’s extensive knowledge and experience with technology has also led him to becoming a featured speaker at many different technology conferences around the world each year. One endeavor that Eric Pulier is involved with that combines his passion for chronically ill children with his knowledge of technology is the private social network known as Starbright World. Starbright World is a social network specifically designed for chronically ill children that allows them a place to post content as well as chat and meet other chronically ill children to share their experiences. Through working with the organizations that Eric works with he has already helped to make the world a better place and will continue to do so through his entrepreneur and philanthropy efforts in the years to come.

Keeping Your Pet Cool For The Summer

Since summer is now here, you may be wondering how to keep your pet cool during these scorching temperatures. Goettl Air Conditioning, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has a few tips for you to help your pet during these hot months. Concrete, asphalt, any surface that can retain heat can hurt your pet’s paws. If you can not hold the back of your hand to the surface for at least 10 seconds, consider re scheduling your walks to the evening or early morning hours. If your pet has a short, light colored coat, you may want to apply pet safe sunscreen to ears and the nose. Proper grooming during these months promotes air and blood circulation.

If they are kept outside, make sure that they have access to shade and cool water, since pets do not cool down the same way we humans do. You may even want to consider having a doggie pool, as it is great fun for your pet and a great way to keep them cool! If you keep your pet in the garage, please be aware that the intense summer heat can expose radiator leaks and other hazards, leaving a sweet tasting yet harmful pool of liquid that can cause an emergency health situation.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Goettl Air Conditioning has been around since 1939, and came into the Las Vegas Valley in 1968. The company was originally created by Gust and Adam Goettl. The recession in 2007 made them make the decision to leave southern Nevada. Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2013 and opened a Las Vegas office in 2016. Their air conditioning units have been some of the best made in Arizona, some lasting upwards of 25 years or more without problems

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Danilo Diaz Granados, Co-Founder of Miami’s Toys For Boys

Danilo Diaz Granados has been in businesses of all kinds since he was very young. He is very adept at running various types of business, such as trading, selling and starting them, because he earned a BS in Economics and Entrepreneurship at Babson College during the years between 2007 -2010. Danilo began honing his business skills at an early age by his employment with Inver Union Investment Banking, and he has continued to progress from there.

Danilo became an associate member of Fireman Capitol Partners Firm in 2010. Before this position, Danilo Diaz Granados was employed by Private Equity Investing of Miami, Florida. Danilo learned everything he could about return on investments in real estate globally. He also learned what he could about investing in hedge funds, fine art, merchandising, efficient energy usage, new age business startups, and other various investment opportunities world wide.

Danilo Diaz Granados is Co-Founder of a luxury boutique that offers expensive cars, watches and other timepieces, leading-edge art, and other much sought-after items. This merchandise is offered by private showings to the patrons. It is not the typical “go in and shop with everybody else” and just mosey around the boutique. “Toys For Boys Boutique” is the name of this business and it is located in Miami, Florida.

Danilo is also Co-Founder and Producer of “Age of Glory Films, LLC”, of Miami, Florida. He is an influence on editing, production, distribution, and promotion of communications, in an effort to create new media here, in the United States, especially for the Hispanic communities. He has also been the Manager of Movilway, a telecommunications company, since 2012.

Danilo Diaz Granados, now 52, is very concerned about Venezuela and the living conditions his countrymen are having to deal with, such as: Not enough food or medical supplies, and other necessities that most of us take for granted. Danilo said, in a Linked In post: “Venezuela desperately needs a political intervention.” He feels the crude oil drop helped to put Venezuela in this terrible condition, but a lot of the blame goes to Venezuela’s current leader, Nicolas Maduro.

Popping with Freedom

Everybody understands that cellular services are too expensive and often have large fee’s and contracts that could imprison the average consumer. Most people need a cell phone for a variety of reasons and would not be able to function correctly in their day to day activity. The market for cell phones have gradually been increasing and now more than ever has there been a need for a more friendly and easy process over all. This is the need that FreedomPop aims to continue to fulfill. FreedomPop functions by leasing from the larger carriers, specifically Sprint, passing on the savings to its customers who choose to enroll on their simple term plans. FreedomPop is not the first to do this, but it’s the only one of its kind attempting to change the way that business is conducted by attempting varying technologies and tactics all to remain as affordable and reliable as possible. They have been able to pioneer the system and general notion of cellular business to bring the first dependable free plan. It’s nearly unheard of to encounter a truly free cellular plan which makes Freedom Pop stand out exceptionally.

Another service they offer is the Hub, a gadget that will connect to the network and provide cellular data connection for multiple devices. This is useful as many people do not have the ability to maintain an internet connection due to location and finances, making FreedomPops’ service even more relevant. It’s known that for years now the nation has been attempting to supply all homes with a reliable and steady hard wired internet connection, especially since many popular services migrated to a system that functions nearly entirely online. Unfortunately till this day many people are held under expensive contracts or the inability to be supplied of an online connection. Fortunately cellular companies have nearly covered many more people than conventional networking, which is why it’s perfect that a cellular service that brings an internet connection is offered.

It’s no doubt that a successful company is only as prominent as it’s CEO and that is why FreedomPop is so different, led by Stephen Stokols they’ve been bringing advancements to the industry effectively and breaking conventional ways of thinking. Releasing an app that connects users to millions of public hotspots and enabling calling, texting, and internet connection is just the start. Stephen has announced that soon they will reach over two times as many hotspots covering an enormous sum of the total percentage of people in the nation.

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Jim Hunt Making Investment Waves

Jim Hunt is an investment professional who can aid you in your understanding of an early bear market, and you’re sure to appreciate what all you can end up earning under his guidance as you seek to earn more through buying and selling stocks on the market. You’ll get a lot out of Hunt’s expertise, as he guides you through ways to earn up to $1,900 in just a week (or less) with an initial investment of about $5,000.

As you make your way on the market, consider the expertise of VTA Publications, a fabulous organization committed to making sure their thousands of public followers have all the knowledge they need to make it on their own financially, and to learn to use information about economics to aid their personal well-being. You’ll love that you can also attend seminars that are focused on the same topics.

VTA Publications has been around since 2012, and they’ve changed people since then, for the better. You too can become one of the many who keep up with this company, and they do indeed have special events that are organized around similar topics in the area of economics and finance, important topics in this increasingly competitive marketplace.