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Shea Butter Continues To Be A Top Healer

Are you looking for health and healing for your skin? Try shea butter. Made with antioxidants Vitamins A and E, and also Vitamin F, it’s made also from the tree of the shea nut, which is found quite often in Africa. You’re sure to love the quality of the healing that your skin gets from this product.

Everything about shea butter is pure. You’ll appreciate its natural healing effects, which work on everything from allergies to eczema, and all kinds of other things, too, including stretch marks, aging marks (wrinkles), and blemishes (which, yes, we still get as we get older). And the purest quality is by EuGenia Shea, founded last year.

EuGenia Shea was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete and her mother, Eugenia Akuete, who are originally from Africa and make shea butter from scratch. The company has grown tremendously, and now you can find their products online. They specialize in pure shea butter with added fragrance, and you can also subscribe for better deals.

EuGenia Shea is made by young women in Africa who live on cooperative farms, and are paid above-average wages and given access to the highest standard of living in order to make the shea butter. It comes directly from them to you, and you can relish its qualities of high-quality antioxidant healing.

If you’re looking for cultural involvement, look no further than EuGenia Shea. Eugenia has served on the board of Global Shea Alliance as president, and remains actively involved in making sure shea butter production is up to international standards. What are you waiting for? Try some today.

Kyle Bass Makes a Prediction For The Chinese Economy

The economy of China has been hit with a crisis. It has been weakening lately. As a result, there are people that are making speculations as to whether or not the economy is going to turn around. Kyle Bass himself is stating that the economy is not likely to turn around. He himself has made some bets against the economy. The way things are looking, he might be right. This would be one of the few times that he has made a good call when it comes to financial situations. Another time when he has made a good prediction was when he predicted that the economy was going to fall back in 2007 and 2008.

When Kyle made this correct prediction, as UsefulStooges reported, this has caused others to tune into what he has to say, only to watch the unbelievable circus unfold right before their eyes. It seems that as each year passed, Kyle Bass has sunken into a new low. This might have caused some people to wonder if he is purposely making these bad calls. People have still tuned into Kyle Bass, it is just that they have different reasons for watching.

After making himself the laughing stock of investors, he has then proceeded to speak on issues. Of course, people were appalled at what he had to say in some matters. It was not enough that he has proven himself to have no idea on how to make good decisions, but he has also proven himself to be willing to resort to underhanded tactics in order to influence the price action of the stocks that he is investing in. Among the things that he has said was that the passengers are to blame for their deaths because of drunk driving when discussing the issue with the faulty airbags on GM vehicles. Kyle has also made some bad calls when it comes to people he works with like Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Even though she has broght her country down financially, Kyle Bass has praised her like a lackey. However, Kyle might see another highlight in his career with the prediction of China’s economy.

An Interview with Lime Crime

Among the many innovators in the makeup industry, one individual stands out due to her innovative product that accentuates the beauty in every user through the use of bright hues and colors. This individual is Doe Deere, a young entrepreneur who has successfully created an internet brand that has earned the attention of countless individuals around the world. Doe Deere is an innovator and has created a product that she has tested and developed herself. Recently, Galore magazine conducted an interview with Ms. Deere in order to discuss her future plans. Galore magazine also wanted to understand her inspiration behind creating these online products and how she gained a love for bright and beautiful colors. Doe Deere, over the years, as proved that she is not just a pretty face within the business industry. Doe Deere is a successful business woman who only wants to share with the world her passion for bright colors.

When asked as to the inspiration behind the products that Lime Crime sells, she responded that she has always had a talent and a love for using makeup. Even at the age of nine, Doe Deere remembers playing dress up with her friends and applying bright makeup to their faces. Though at the time the application of makeup that she provided was hardly professional, this inspired her to pursue the trade that she loves. Doe Deere even added that she often feels as though she cheated with her career by finding something that she really loves to do.

As a business, Lime Crime made the decision to offer her products online rather than in stores. This was a conscious decision to appeal to the consumer. As a businesswoman that relies heavily on the consumer, Doe Deere wants fast responses which are given due to the fact that her brand is based online. This decision not only keeps her humble, but also gives her the motivation to constantly improve the products that she sells to the customers. Doe Deere loves the idea of bright colors because they can be used in such a way to bring out the beauty in anyone.  Follow along at the Lime Crime Twitter, otherwise Facebook is perfect for news and updates.

Eucatex Group for Construction and Insulation Materials

Eucatex is a Brazilian based company which is renowned for the production of cutting edge construction and furniture products among its other several ventures. Their flagship product Thin High Density and Medium High-Density Fibreboards are being used today worldwide due to their unique properties which are greatly applicable in the construction industry. The success of this company over the years has been owed to the serial business person Flavio Maluf.

The company was established in 1951 and started operating in Salto four years later with its main raw material as eucalyptus wood. The main products of the company included liners and insulation fibres; however, today they have ventured far and wide into the construction industry to produce other products such as tiles and even their own line of paint.

The great mind behind Eucatex, Flavio Maluf had his education from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation from where he graduated as a mechanical engineer. Additionally, he is a great business person and holds the title of a lawyer. He is well educated and also attended the New York University as both a student and an employee. Flavio Maluf has dedicated the better part of his early life to the Eucatex group and is still at the helm as the CEO of the multinational company. Following such kind of experience, he is most definitely an expert at what he does which can be backed up by his leadership at Eucatex.

Flavio Maluf has also been witnessed to be quite active in the works of philanthropy, where he leads several charity events as well as help programs as a way of giving back to the society. Among his major occupations, he works hard to provide young entrepreneurs with invaluable knowledge on how to succeed in the business world as well as financial education. Some of his major quotes include advice on market study, thinking globally and seeking help from renowned consultancies among many others. Some of his recent achievements include advocating for the integration of technology in education which has really impacted positively in his native country Brazil. He is surely an exemplar in the business environment that many look up to.

Eucatex under the leadership of Flavio Maluf and the professional personnel today has cast a niche in construction where they produce high-end products such as the Eucafloor, divilux partitions, and doors.  Visit Flavio’s official website to learn more.

Pittsburgh Steeler new clothing line turning heads with fans

If you’re a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, your choices in team apparel has changed for the better. Not that there was anything wrong with team clothing before, but it has become more modern and it appeals to everyone. There is a buzz in the Pittsburgh Steeler fan base, and it’s all about what they can wear. See:

The change in the clothing line is a direct result of the hard work from Susan McGalla, a person who is well known in the clothing business. She is the former CEO of Wet Seal and the former president of American Eagle Outfitters. Susan McGalla’s passion for putting out the best clothing products is serving the Pittsburgh Steelers well.

Susan McGalla has brought in brand names like Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Bahama into the Steelers family. She is the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers, and has listened to the public when it came to the new line of Steelers gear.

Susan McGalla brought in focus groups to find out what they wanted in Pittsburgh Steeler clothing and gear, and she listened well. She made fans feel as if they were a part of the Steeler organization as they made their input known.

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Female Steelers fans have always wanted to feel feminine when wearing Steeler clothing, so pink was a color that was incorporated more into the clothing line. Male fans wanted to have clothing that was able to be worn in the office, and McGalla delivered.

Boys and girls clothing also changed, each gender can now buy clothing to fit their unique style, with the main idea behind the change being how Steeler clothing could be brought into the mainstream.

The Steelers organization has also started a new campaign called “it’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday.” The Steelers want fans to dress out in black and gold and take pictures of themselves for a chance to win a brand new wardrobe in a Steelers theme.

Is Your Map APP Integrated With Wikipedia Yet?

HERE Maps (find it on Google Play and the App Store) will be integrating Wikipedia into the app so you don’t have to leave the app to “Wiki” points of interest. When the Wikipedia function is toggled in the app, you will see Wikipedia links on the map that correspond to points of interest. Simply click on the Wikipedia link to read the information inline. Easy!

If you already have the HERE Maps app, you won’t have to take any action to enjoy this feature. You’ll get it automatically as soon as it’s implemented. If you don’t already have the HERE Maps app, you can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

This integration will be beneficial to the map user and to the business-owner alike. Wikipedia is the widest-read source of information on the Internet. Millions upon millions of prospective clients put their eyes on Wikipedia daily. Wikipedia-based promotion can be a great way to get yourself, your business, or your non-profit in front of the audience that you want.

If you don’t have the time, or knowledge of Wikipedia’s standards, Get Your Wiki can help get your business on Wikipedia. Get Your Wiki employs a trained team of professionals that are Wiki experts for hire who are well-versed in Wikipedia’s standards of style and formatting. Enlist the services of one of the web’s most trusted teams of professionals when you’re ready to get the exposure that appearing in the world’s largest repository of knowledge will afford.

Whether you’re an individual, a brick-and-mortar, an online entity, or simply someone who can benefit from Wikipedia-based promotion (i.e.: ANYONE), when you hire a Wikipedia expert from Get Your Wiki, they can help take your promotion to the next level. Visit Get Your Wiki to get started.

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Duda Melzer Takes American Experiences with Him to Brazil

Duda Melzer certainly has an interesting background in the field of business. He is a third generation member of the Sirotsky family. Originally he started his career in the United States. This early work certainly shaped the way that he does business in the present.

He first attended Harvard before he transferred to the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. Duda Melzer gained an MBA at Harvard, and it was there that he worked with many of the professionals who would come to be major influences on him.

John Davis a professor at Harvard who specializes in family businesses. He’s still one of the most popular consultants in his particular field. Duda Melzer came into contact with him at Harvard, and his teachings on operating large family businesses in the same manner as small ones has influenced the way that he manages the Grupo RBS. Rather than treat it like a big business, Duda has decided to run it the same way that someone might run a small corner store. This provides him with the opportunity to stay in touch with all of the clients that the organization works with.

Eventually Duda came to work for the advertising organization known as BoxTop Media. Some people have classified this group as a non-traditional media company. They provide space for advertisers to promote dairy products on the top of milk cartons. This provides consumers with more information about other products they might be interested in. Duda’s work was so vital to the company’s success that they ultimately let him take over the reigns. Advertising is particularly difficult for smaller family-owned dairies. BoxTop gave these kinds of small farms a voice.

Each of these experiences in the United States helped him to gain additional business acumen that he now uses when managing the Grupo RBS.

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Wen By Chaz Company Revolutionizing the Beauty Industry

Recently, there was a publication by the Bustle new about the Wen By Chaz Company, which provides hair care products in the community. According to the publication, the company offers cleansing conditioners manufactured in the form of shampoos. The products are made using a modernized formula to provide efficient hair treatment options.

Based on the review from one of the company’s clients, her hair was more shiny, healthy, and attractive after using shampoo from the WEN By Chaz Company. The client was able to show step by step illustration of how the shampoo made a difference after only a week of use. Click here for full review.

Clients who have been using this sephora endorsed product have shared on how incredible the results have been when you follow the product guidelines and instruction. The product is ideal for all hair types and is available on E-bay.

About Wen By Chaz

It is a US-based company dealing with beauty care products with Chaz Dean as its current director. Chaz has dedicated his whole life to developing the business whose net worth is over $11million. It has stood the taste of time due to its commitment and dedication to offering quality hair products and solutions both locally and internationally. They sell their products online on Amazon and on high end salons.

For the six plus years the company has been in operation, it has amassed a lot of experience and expertise in the beauty arena. Their cleaners compromise of solid ingredients that nourish hair to stay in its natural shape. The firm’s core mandate is to provide smooth management of hair for all their clients.

The company has invested in highly qualified and certified professionals who understand the importance of making proper beauty products. If you are informed, then you’ll make informed choices; hence, take some time to learn about this company and any other useful information by clicking here.


Kheradpir Appointed as the New CEO at Coriant


Coriant have just appointed Shaygan Kheradpir as their new CEO. Kheradpir is the former CEO of Juniper Networks where he made headlines on several occasions. Just before a year ends after his stint there, Kheradpir has managed to be in charge of Coriant. He will be taking over the reins from Pat DiPietro who will assume the mantle of Vice Chairman and also return to his earlier role at Marlin Equity Partners as an Operating Partner. This private equity company built Coriant by bringing together optical units of Tellabs, Nokia and Sycamore Networks in part.

Kheradpir will not be joining Coriant out of the blue as he has been involved with the company’s senior management team since the turn of the year. He has held the position of Operating Executive to the Marlin Equity Partners. Coriant holds Mr. Kheradpir with high regard given his over 28 years experience in the telecom, financial services and technology industries. He is a proven technology and business leader in the industry. DiPietro has been quoted saying that Coriant is honored to have Shaygan as their CEO given his caliber that he has demonstrated in offering guidance and strategic insight for the few months he has been involved in the company. (Read More)
About Shaygan Kheradpir
Shaygan Kheradpir is the current CEO and also the Board Chairman of Coriant which is a company that supplies innovative solutions in networking to network operators based in over a hundred countries. He has a 28 year old executive experience that spans across various industries like technology, telecom and financial services. His career started off at GTE Corporation then he became the EVP and Chief Information Officer of Verizon. He lead a team that oversaw systems modernization, innovation, efficiency and also pioneered some product initiatives like FiOS. After his stint there he joined Barclays in the role of the Chief Operations and Technology Officer and was a member of the Executive Committee of the bank.
At Barclays, Mr. Kheradpir was involved in the creation work of the TRANSFORM program of the company assuming a leadership position. His next move was to Juniper Networks as the CEO and oversaw the development of an Integrated Operating Plan and focused on the strategic growth of High IQ Networking and Cloud Builder markets. Shaygan is a Ph.D., Master’s and Bachelor’s degree holder from the Cornell University. He was on the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology advisory board and Cornell University Engineering Council.

Learn more about Shaygan Kheradpir at