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The Kabbalah Centre Helps Young Adults Achieve Spiritual Wellness

The Kabbalah Centre headquarters is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization that teaches religious courses in an online setting as well as through centers and study groups.The Kabbalah Centre focuses heavily on Zohar and Kabbalistic teaching. The center was founded in 1965 by Philip Berg, he along with the help of his wife Karen developed the Kabbalah presentation. The staff at the Kabbalah Centre is extremely diverse and experienced, ready to provide training and guidance from people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein co-founded The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. They founded the spiritual organization with the goal of delivering practical lessons on the practice of Kabbalah. Because the lessons can be difficult to understand, many young adults would turn away feeling discouraged. Philip Berg and Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein were determined to help people understand and embrace the spiritual practice. After Brandwein passed away, Berg took on full responsibility of the Kabbalah Centre and vowed to establish and promote its teachings. That is when The Kabbalah Centre was first opened and re established in New York. The Berg family has worked tirelessly to re establish and maintain the Kabbalah Centre and its teachings, and have named their two sons, Yehuda and Michael Berg as the spiritual directors. The center now has more than 50 active branches around the world.

The Kabbalah teachings consist of lessons ranging from sex and astrology to religion and the true understanding of God. The bible is used and heavily referenced as a history book containing codes to success in life. This is where the laws of Zohar come in. The center also provides their students with weekly Torah read, and a series of mini books of the bible composed by Yehuda Berg. The Kabbalah program combines these tools to help them achieve true spiritual wellness and gain wisdom of the universe.

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The All-in-one Video Communication Company, Talk Fusion Gives a Free Trial


Everyone knows how quickly the Internet became a household word, and Internet researchers have made a likely prediction that by the year 2017, 90 percent of all communication online will be with videos. Looking at the statistics today, in 2016, Talk Fusion is at the top of the communication networks and will stay at the top of the video communication market.

Bob Reina is the entrepreneur, founder, and CEO who developed Talk Fusion in 2007. Reina brought Talk Fusion into the international market when he introduced video email. He has established the entire company and an impressive team of associates with his desire to give back. Reina is creating a giving culture at Talk Fusion that is difficult to match.

Reina found a need to develop a video communications network when, in 2004, he wanted to send a 10-secound video to his family and friends, but couldn’t find a venue that could do it.

For three years, he worked with his tech-genius friend and finally, in 2007, they had a phenomenal video email, and Talk Fusion was born. Today, the company has more features including live video chat, video solutions for e-conferences, email video, short lists and analytics that report directly to the user, and Talk Fusion is continually updating solutions to remain state-of-the-art.

Talk Fusion went global in the first year because of the superior technology that is used. Today, Talk Fusion reaches to over 140 countries and is continually growing because of the morals and work ethic that Reina has incorporated into the company. Bob Reina is involved in improving the lives of his associates, the users of Talk Fusion and also those people,and animals that need help to reach their dream. Bob Reina believes in “Giving Back,” and this is the foundation of the culture he has created at Talk Fusion.

In the spring of 2016, Reina offered an incredible opportunity to the general public. He offered Talk Fusion’s all-in-one program for one month using no credit card or personal information. If you are interested in top technological videos for your business, go to Talk


The Prestigious Wessex Institute of Technology

One of England’s premier educational institutions is the Wessex Institute of Technology. It offers degrees for higher learning and also conducts academic research. The Wessex Institute of Technology is comfortably situated in the South of England at Ashurst Lodge. Its mission is to create methods of transferring knowledge more effectively between professionals of various industries and university academics who are experts in their respective fields. It was founded in the year 1986 by the renowned Professor Carlos Brebbia who had a dream of creating a higher learning establishment that could focus on conferences, research, and publishing of articles for professionals and academics.

The Wessex Institute of Technology is situated in Ashurst Lodge in one of England’s more famous national parks, known as the New Forest. It is located 100km from England’s capital city, London and occupies a massive area totaling 400 square kilometers. People who visit New Forest are amazed by the beautiful wildlife, the natural scenery that has been largely untouched my industrialization, clean air, and other local attractions. New Forest also has a rich history. It was founded nearly 1000 years ago by King William I and it remains a property of the Royal Family of England to this day.

Much research that benefits professional industries is carried out at the Wessex Institute of Technology. As a result, it successfully attracts funding from the government, and corporations who recognize its value to the world. It also partners with Universities across Europe and South America to further its aims. About 25 academic conferences are conducted by the institute every year and they are held in diverse locations. The main purpose is to create a creative landscape where brilliant minds can come together to share ideas and even create new ones collaboratively. Topics of conferences include big data, sustainable tourism, risk analysis, and many other issues that are important for the whole world to be increasingly aware of.

One of the institutes more popular conferences is on the subject of Design and Nature. It publishes an academic journal devoted to the subject because it believes it to be of the utmost importance. Learn more about Wessex Institute of Technology on their website.

Duda Melzer Offers His Thoughts On Business Leadership

Duda Melzer is the newest CEO in Brazil, and he has ascended to the top of his family company at RBS Group. Duda is one of the finest up-and-coming businessmen in the country, and he offered his thoughts on leadership while attending a summit in Santa Catarina. This article explains how Duda plans to address changes in his industry as he takes over a business that has been in his family since before his birth.

#1: Every Leader Is Different

Duda Melzer was willing to participate in a debate on leadership principles, but he merely offers his perspective on the issue. He prefers to help everyone in his own way, and he spent over a decade working in nearly every part of his family business. He understands how every department works, and he is hands-on with his employees.

#2: Adjusting To A New Communications Industry

The communications industry in Brazil is ready to explode with new opportunities for everyone, but the industry cannot change without leadership from Duda and RBS Group. He must continue plans to expand the company, and he will see thousands more Brazilians find good jobs under his umbrella. Brazil cannot grow unless a proper middle class has reliable employment.

#3: Worldwide Events Shine A Light On Brazil

Worldwide events are shining a light on Brazil including the World Cup and the Olympics. Both events are bring new visitors to the country every day, and businesses moving into Brazil must be connected to the newest communications technology. Duda wishes to see his company expand to meet everyone’s needs, and he prefers to be the most-considered option for communications in Brazil.

Duda Melzer has prepared his entire life to take on his new position, and he has a plan to benefit everyone in Brazil. RBS Group will grow under the watchful eye of Duda as the family leader.