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George Soros takes fight for justice directly to its source

Perhaps no one is more attuned to the exigencies of social justice than George Soros. Having lived through the holocaust and experienced firsthand the death of loved ones, he understands intimately the perils that systemic injustice imposes on the powerless. His lifelong interest in philosophy has given him a perspective seemingly unique among his elite peers. He’s come to view uplifting the underprivileged and forgotten not just as something he should do but as something he must do. This sense of civic obligation on has driven his prolific philanthropy as much as his philosophy has informed it.

Recently Soros has grabbed attention by taking his fight for justice to its source – the district attorneys and judges who administer it. Through his foundations, he has spent over $3 million backing the campaigns of reform-minded prosecutors in local elections across the country. From a social advocacy standpoint this is a brilliant play because district attorney posts are often stepping stones to larger things, like judgeships and positions in the federal courts. District attorneys also wield the power to dismiss charges. This strategy of going after local DA’s has aroused the ire of his political opponents who view his “outside meddling” as unfair.

As mandatory minimum sentencing has revoked the latitude judges once exercised across the country in dolling out fair sentences, the discretion to bring or dismiss cases enjoyed by district attorneys has become perhaps the system’s most important safety valve. George Soros sees electing the right prosecutors as a way to remedy the notorious inequities of the drug war as well as a path towards easing the staggering over representation of certain minority groups in the US criminal justice system.

One of Soros’ donation vehicles, Florida Safety and Justice, infused the campaign of a female former prosecutor named Aramis Ayala with nearly all of its $1.4 million dollar budget. Most of that was spent on television ads. The ads focused on Ms. Ayala’s contention that her opponent, Jeff Ashton, had favored discriminatory policies which lead to higher incarceration rates for minorities. In the end the voters agreed with Ms. Ayala and elected her to be their prosecutor, ending incumbent’s reign after just one term.

Similarly in the town of Caddo Parish, Louisiana a Soros backed candidate named James Stewart defeated incumbent district attorney Dhu Thompson. Thompson was known for hard-line stances on law and order and some had contended his lop-sided prosecutorial record was itself evidence of discrimination. Once again the public sided with the Soros backed progressive candidate.

Despite being a widely recognized financial genius Soros himself may not be able to take sole credit for this newfound strategy of justice reform. Recently a group called the Women Donors Network released a study confirming that fully 95 percent of all prosecutors in the United States are white and 75 percent are male. It’s long been known that prosecutors, with their unique discretionary powers to instate or dismiss charges, operate at the very hub of the criminal justice wheel. They can act as a force multiplier with any implicit bias no matter how small being repeated every day and on every case across a career that may last decades. That can really add up.

Weather Soros has concocted this scheme on his own or is merely picking it up and running with it, it’s been a successful gambit thus far. Those in his cross hairs have been put on notice.

Crime Level in New Brunswick

South Brunswick Police have finally charged a suspect in a robbery on a pizza delivery man. The suspect is from New Brunswick and goes by the street name “Pistol” and “P gun”. He is a twenty-one-year-old man whose real names are Parysh Wood. He was convicted of being the kingpin of the group that assaulted the innocent delivery guy.


The incident happened in November, thirtieth 2012 when the delivery person went to an apartment in Quincy Circle’s N building. The owner of the apartment informed the delivery guy that he had not ordered any pizza hence he walked back to his vehicle. It was at that point that three people approached and assaulted him while claiming that the pizza was theirs.


The three suspects placed a short gun in the man’s hand and demanded his wallet, pizza and money. They later flew into the parking lot and disappeared into the streets. They were later seen moving away from the area with a back minivan by an eyewitness.


Investigator Det. Ron Seaman in collaboration with Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office was tasked with identifying the perpetrators. The got the cell phone site information at that period of robbery and it appeared that Wood was the owner of the phone. Wood is however out on a hundred thousand dollars bail as of now.


New Brunswick apartments are well known for its widespread crime. On October this year, an innocent civilian was injured in a shooting and was quickly rushed to the hospital while police commenced investigations.


According to police transmissions, four loud shots were heard at around nine in the evening. Captain JT Miller, New Brunswick Police Department spokesperson, said that police responded immediately to the distress. The wounded individual walked into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital a few minutes after the incident and his identity has been withheld while investigations take place. The victim was transported to the hospital by a good Samaritan in a dark coloured Honda. According to an eyewitness, the shooting suspect was seen wearing a hoodie while he ran away from the crime scene towards Neilsen Street. Police took the bullet casings for further investigations.


Norman Pattiz And Beyond The Darkness

Beyond the Darkness is all set to explore the paranormal in the newest podcast. Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne, and since then, it has become one of the biggest in the United States that is supported by their advertisers. This is the very latest show appearing on Chris Jericho’s network, sometimes referred to as the PodcastOne umbrella. Experts from throughput the world will be appearing to share their knowledge and insights into demons, ghosts, aliens, angels, monsters and mysteries. They are expected to challenge the information people currently have about these subjects.


The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader, an author and host on the radio. Tim Dennis, also a host and a producer for the radio will be hosting the show as well. The episodes will be airing every Monday. Norman refers to Chris as a jewel in the network and says he knew the Jericho collection would eventually evolve into something amazing. First Chris brought in comedy and now the paranormal.


Chris admits he is both stoked and a bit creeped out over the podcast for Beyond the Darkness. Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader are both incredible in paranormal broadcasts and will bring an enormous fan base with them. They are trusted, respected and knowledgeable in this area. The duo have been jokingly referred to as both a dream and a nightmare.


Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One and was responsible for making it one of the biggest radio networks in America. The provide a variety of topics such as sports, news, traffic, entertainment and talk.


Norman founded the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. PodcastOne was a recent addition. President Clinton originally appointed Norman to be on the United States Board of Governor’s in 2000, then President Bush reappointed Norman a couple years later in 2002. All of the broadcasting that is not military is overseen by the BBG.


Norman launched another radio broadcast for Arabic language and it accessed all of the twenty-two countries in the Middle East. His broadcast that ran the Farsi language was listened to by more than forty million people and was heard in Iran.


Besides Norman’s background in the field of broadcasting, he serves various positions of high regard including being on the Council of Foreign Relations. The National Radio Hall of Fame inducted him in the year 2009 and he has received awards for his expertise in broadcasting.

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Igor Cornelsen Saves Investors a Whole Lot of Time


The majority of people that are looking for a chance to start investing will look for books on investing. If they don’t have a broker this is their only investing source. These are good intentions, but good intentions can only go so far. What will eventually happen is people look for a chance to start investing, but many people will never finish the books. They will get into the financial terms of investing, and people will put down these long books and never pick them up again.


Igor Cornelsen himself says investing is always a good idea, he saves people so much time when they want to start investing. He did not write a book. He did not try to make people think that they needed a long over extended explanation on how they should invest. What he has done is put together some simple tips for investing. Cornelsen has stated on Facebook that investors should not put the investments on auto pilot and that they should diversify. These are the most basic tips for getting a portfolio off to a good start.


The other thing that Igor Cornelsen has said via Yolasite, is that investing in the early stages is the key to a better retirement plan. So many people have said that they do not have the money to do this. They wait and wait until the kids are grown and the house is almost paid off. This type of thinking, according to Igor Cornelsen, can be very harmful. Starting a retirement plan is like starting a family. There will never be a perfect time to do this. There will never be enough money for this. It is always best to start early and get the ball rolling.


Igor Cornelsen believes that the compound interest in the important thing that investors have to take a look at. They miss out on so much compounded interest when they wait to start their planning for retirement. It is harder to get into the habit of saving when a person gets older. People that start young can make a good habit of putting money aside and benefit from compounded interest rates down through the years.