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Securus Technologies Helping Hunt Dangerous Criminals

I am part of a police task force that was on the hunt for a very dangerous suspect who just committed another violent crime. Despite this suspect being known throughout the city, he was not shy about committing crimes on a regular basis. The fact he was addicted to heroin only made this an even more trying time because it was a matter of time this suspect couldn’t get a fix and he hurt someone who got in his way. I was told by my superiors that we need to get this suspect off the streets immediately.


We tried the traditional route, asking family and friends to come forward with information about the suspect, but even the informants were not willing to put their families safety on the line. Despite knowing where and how he committed these crimes, we were not getting any solid leads that would put us in a position to be able to anticipate his next moves. That was all about to change when we had a little visit at the local jail. We got a tip that the suspect had family in jail, and we thought squeezing them a little could give us the lead we needed.


Securus Technologies has their call monitoring system throughout this jail, developed to monitor inmate calls and currently in 2,600 jails, this was a resource we were going to make use of. Since the suspect’s family were interrogated in the jail and wouldn’t talk, we just waited. We knew they would run to the phones, and as predicted, they called our suspect and wanted blood. Lucky for my team, we identified where the calls were to, set up a surveillance team, and took down the suspect the following morning while he was till sound asleep in his bed without any type of incident.


Karl Heideck: Experienced & Devoted To The Legal Profession

Karl Heideck: Experienced & Devoted To The Legal Profession

Karl Heideck: Experienced & Devoted To The Legal Profession

Karl Heideck is a Litigation attorney based within the Philadelphia area. Mr. Heideck is well experienced in many areas of litigation including Investigation, Discovery issues as well as Pre-Trial motions and Pleadings.

Heideck was involved with a complex litigation concerning Wells Fargo a few years ago. The case was very involved and quite difficult. However, Heideck prevailed in the end. A Judgement was successfully entered for an undisclosed amount against Wells Fargo Financial.

Karl Heideck specializes in Risk Management and Compliance. Attorney Heideck currently works exclusively for Grant & Eisenhofer. Previously, Karl Heideck worked for the firm Pepper & Hamilton.

Karl Heideck attended Temple University School of Law and Graduated in 2009. He received his undergraduate degree from Swathmore College. Heideck is a man with other talents including legal writing as well as research.

Attorney Karl Heideck has successfully tried cases involving employment law, product liability, mediation as well as appeals. Mr. Heideck is well experienced with the complex appeals process. Appeals can take years depending upon the nature of the case.

Mr. Heideck accepted the position with Grant & Eisenhofer in early 2015. The firm is located in Delaware and has an excellent reputation within the community. Heideck is known to be a tough litigator with a real devotion to his profession.

The attorney has represented several clients that were treated unfairly within the workplace. In addition, Heideck also represented clients that were victims of harassment as well as unfair labor practices.

Karl Heideck has written a variety of law related articles since beginning his law career. Heideck has expressed his opinions on how to change certain laws and bring about reform within the court system. Generally speaking, Heideck makes certain his clients receive a fair trail no matter what the case involves.

Karl Heideck has been referred to as the “attorney behind the curtain”. The “attorney behind the curtain” is someone who will do what is best for each and every client he represents.