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A Modern Take on Personalized Merchandising

Identifying and appealing to a specific customer is the goal of any well thought out marketing plan. In the modern world of merchandising selling a product has become beyond personalized. Companies are using the latest technologies including lifelike virtual reality(VR) interfaces, chatbots and even wearable RFDI technology to appeal to a very specific customer and deliver not just a product, but a personalized experience.


An exciting change in recent marketing trends is the joining together of virtual reality and AI to create personalized marketing and merchandising of a high ticket item like a car. Some high end car dealers feature a VR cafe where buyers can roam around a virtual showroom and check out the new models with a tour hosted by a hologram. Technology allows all of this to happen without ever having to get behind the wheel. Early adopters have blazed the trail and this is just the beginning of virtual shopping. Picture a typical scene at one of the large retailers that allows shoppers to use VR technology to try items in an environment where it may actually be used. Try out camping gear or play with a tent in a virtual forest for example.

The Coming Convergence of VR and AI Gives Brands Big Opportunities (and Potential Pitfalls)

Another way of marketing a product may be embedding it in existing tech and giving it a new spin. How about using a friendly virtual chatbot called a GENIE to deliver raunchy news stories, peppered of course with subliminal advertising. The genies are first customized by the user, and most people make them look much like themselves. This gives endless product placement opportunities for advertisers.

Yet another area that has strongly embraced personalized merchandising is the travel and cruise industry. On today’s mega ships, RFDI bracelets or medallions provide wearable access to the water park or replace a ship’s card as digital currency for making purchases. You can use it to book dinner reservations, choose shore excursions, open the door to your room or purchase the drink of the day. In this way the technology enhances the overall experience. This allows for dozens, if not hundreds of marketing opportunities. Yet the wearable aspect makes the experience very non-obstructive and it almost seems to disappear.

Companies market products to a specific audience in order to increase sales. A modern, over the top marketing strategy may even adjust the item or experience to appeal to the target market. Imagine family vacations with custom tailored meals, activities and timetables which are infinitely flexible. The opportunities are endless.

Tony Petrello’s Leadership Helps To Leverage Community Service During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes and left an unimaginable amount of damage throughout Houston, Texas. It is now recorded as the worst weather-related disaster in history for the state. With so much to do in the community, the agencies that responded to the destruction were overwhelmed and people were left without the bare essentials to even begin recovery efforts. The employees of Nabors Industries wanted to help.

Matching Funds Contribute to Recovery Efforts

The employees of Nabors Industries had the help of CEO Tony Petrello to organize a relief fund for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Nabors Relief Fund was established by Tony with small donations from the employees and matching donations by their CEO. Tony was pleased and proud that his employees would follow the typical service-minded mission of the company to help within the community. Together, they raised $173,000 to aid in the recovery efforts.

Compassion Brings Hope for Community Service

Tony has been on the front-line with giving to communities. He founded the Petrello Family foundation with the very concept that giving back to the community brings a wealth of support when it really counts the most. When the employees of Nabors Industries decided to also embark on a community service project to help in the recovery efforts, Tony made sure that those employees would be compensated for their loss of wages. Tony instructed Nabors Industries payroll to approve all recovery effort time as paid time off.

Continuously Giving Results in Advanced Research

Tony’s charitable giving has brought many outstanding results to the Texas community. He was the primary donor for the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute. With his initial donation of $5 million followed by an additional $2 million to complete the project, the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute is now helping to bring advanced research and testing within neurological diseases that affect many adults and children all around the word. Tony is also a board member for Texas Children’s Hospital which is affiliated with the research facility.

Leadership Earns High Pay and Admiration

Tony is the highest paid CEO in the Country; earning $27 million in 2015. However, with that compensation package he’s been able to help many people throughout Houston, Texas. While many residents in the community might never know his affiliation with the charitable contributions he’s bestowed, there are 1,200 Nabors Industries employees that have now seen his compassion and giving heart.

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