Bob Reina’s Philanthropy Benefits Humans and Animals Alike

It was nearly a decade ago that Bob Reina decided that there had to be a better way to send and receive videos via the internet. Being a man of action, he created Talk Fusion, and became a trendsetting innovator in the video marketing industry.

Thanks to Talk Fusion’s success, Bob Reina has also become a renowned philanthropist. He has not only donated one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, but he’s also volunteered his time, money, and resources to an array of causes around the world. Indonesian orphanages, survivors of the Nepal earthquake, and families displaced by the tsunami in Japan have all benefited from Mr. Reina’s generosity.

Bob Reina leads by example. Every Talk Fusion associate is given a free account to donate to the charity of their choice. The free accounts are always for Talk Fusion’s best plan; which gives users access to video email, meetings, newsletters, and sign up forms.

Mr. Reina’s mission started with a desire to help nonprofit groups across the globe further their cause and spread their message to a wider audience. He’s managed to accomplish his goal while helping others fulfill their dreams. Always available to friends, family, and associates, Bob Reina has been known to donate considerable sums of money to help pay for life-saving medical expenses, support rebuilding efforts, or simply finance a new business endeavor.

Before founding Talk Fusion, Reina was a sheriff’s deputy for Hillsborough County. He currently lives with his wife and 11 adopted dogs and cats.