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Eli Gershkovitch’s Stunning Approach towards Canadian Craft Beer

Canadians love health care, beer, beaver, and maple syrup. Craft beer makes approximately $9 billion yearly sales. In the recent past, most breweries in Canada have been doing their best to improve the quality of their craft beers. There are craft brewers in Canada that have gone international while there are those that have remained local. Most people who travel to Canada find their trip interesting because the craft beers are cheap.


All or Nothing Hopfenweisse contains 5.1 percent alcohol. It is a session-able wheat beer which is lightly-hopped. The golden in color beer which reveals notes of bubblegum and banana has a sparkling foamy head. The beer is also made of citrus and tropical fruits. Another important thing to note is that the beer is equally refreshing and sweet. The beer is brewed without the addition of flavors and sugars to make it natural.


Propeller IPA is among the best Canadian beers (GazetteDay). The beer has won a world title three times in World Beer Championship due to its strong caramel flavor and its smoothness. It has a toned-down bitterness that makes it hard for IPA haters and lovers to compromise. The beer is sold in different parts of Canada.


Eli Gershkovitch’s passion in craft beer began in 1987. When he got interested in producing beer, Eli Gershkovitch was still a student at Toronto University where he studied Law. He traveled to different parts of Europe to learn more about the craft. He first tasted Belgian beer and loved it.


Eli Gershkovitch who is the Chief Executive and founder of Steamworks Group put Canada on the map when he became a top contender for an Open Beer Championship. Eli started cooking original brews in 1995 even though it was not common in Canada at that time. Recently, Canadians have learned to appreciate their craft beers due to Eli Gershkovitch’s efforts.


As Eli Gershkovitch traveled the world to learn about craft beers, he visited a microbrewery in Germany where he sampled concoctions that were different from familiar flavors in Canada. Upon returning to Canada, Eli Gershkovitch established Steamworks Brew Pub that attracted both visitors and locals.

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