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Crime Level in New Brunswick

South Brunswick Police have finally charged a suspect in a robbery on a pizza delivery man. The suspect is from New Brunswick and goes by the street name “Pistol” and “P gun”. He is a twenty-one-year-old man whose real names are Parysh Wood. He was convicted of being the kingpin of the group that assaulted the innocent delivery guy.


The incident happened in November, thirtieth 2012 when the delivery person went to an apartment in Quincy Circle’s N building. The owner of the apartment informed the delivery guy that he had not ordered any pizza hence he walked back to his vehicle. It was at that point that three people approached and assaulted him while claiming that the pizza was theirs.


The three suspects placed a short gun in the man’s hand and demanded his wallet, pizza and money. They later flew into the parking lot and disappeared into the streets. They were later seen moving away from the area with a back minivan by an eyewitness.


Investigator Det. Ron Seaman in collaboration with Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office was tasked with identifying the perpetrators. The got the cell phone site information at that period of robbery and it appeared that Wood was the owner of the phone. Wood is however out on a hundred thousand dollars bail as of now.


New Brunswick apartments are well known for its widespread crime. On October this year, an innocent civilian was injured in a shooting and was quickly rushed to the hospital while police commenced investigations.


According to police transmissions, four loud shots were heard at around nine in the evening. Captain JT Miller, New Brunswick Police Department spokesperson, said that police responded immediately to the distress. The wounded individual walked into Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital a few minutes after the incident and his identity has been withheld while investigations take place. The victim was transported to the hospital by a good Samaritan in a dark coloured Honda. According to an eyewitness, the shooting suspect was seen wearing a hoodie while he ran away from the crime scene towards Neilsen Street. Police took the bullet casings for further investigations.