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Orange Coast College – article recap

Costa Mesa has a brand new $7.5 million recycling center on its Orange Coast College campus. With a ribbon cutting ceremony making it official on September 14, 2017, the recycling center is the pride and joy of the southern California community. Learn more:


Orange County College has been recycling items such as plastic, aluminum, newspaper and electronics for 45 years. Not only does the new facility recycle items, but it has been constructed with environmentally friendly products such as solar panels. Officials for the college, are in the process of acquiring energy efficient certifications from various local agencies.


This newer facility, 16 months in the making, is nearly four times the size of its previous incarnation. Mayor Katrina Foley is proud that the college is providing jobs in the area and is helping Costa Mesa remain economically, and environmentally, sound.


The new facility includes classrooms, showers and a conference room. Funding came from voter approved bonds as well as donations. The college has recently upgraded its planetarium facility in an overall effort to upgrade the nearly 70 year old college.


Orange County College is a community college just 40 miles south of Los Angeles. It boasts an average enrollment of over 24,000 students. The college is popular with both its academic and athletic courses.


Academic courses focus largely on the health sciences such as radiology and includes classes in biology, marine science, ecology and dental technology. Over half of the students transfer to four year universities or colleges to complete bachelor of science degrees.


The student life at Orange Coast College is socially active with its various clubs and sports. Since it is a local two year college, most of its students are local and they are not suited to house students. Students generally commute and live locally. The college is popular and diverse and boasts excellent professors and counselors.

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ClassDojo Is Growing Into A Major Classroom App That’s Eliminating The Need For Parent-Teacher Meetings

Sometimes small apps have surprising results that come from their usage. One such app is ClassDojo, a new classroom app that has a social media feel to it, but has changed classroom atmospheres in many simple ways. It was originally designed as an app for teachers to use points in rewarding good student behavior, but now it’s become a key communication tool for teachers and parents to stay in touch. Through the student stories profiles, similar to Facebook profile pages teachers can post photos of classroom activities and study time for parents to see throughout the day. They can also shoot text messages informing them of their child’s progress. This has helped many schools eliminate parent-teacher meetings and even helped parents prepare their children better for the next school day.

ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two young college graduates who wanted to build a unique app that hadn’t been tried before. They decided to venture into education and classroom culture because they felt most schools didn’t have the right teaching tools on hand. They visited teachers’ conferences and had discussions with educators on what they thought could help improve classrooms, and after a lot of work and trial and error, Chaudhary and Don founded ClassDojo. The initial seed for this app was valued at about $1.6 million in 2012.

Chaudhary and Don decided to add complimentary features to the app, including mindset growth videos about how little monster characters learned how to tackle learning challenges. The addition of these features prompted more investors to fund the app, and ClassDojo raised over $8.5 million in 2013, and then just this last year received $21 million to put its total venture capital over $30 million. Thus far ClassDojo has not spent any money on marketing, but prefers to use word-of-mouth as its public relations medium. Chaudhary and Don say they will be rolling out optional features that users can pay for if they wish to use them, but the main features and basic use of the app will remain free. They’ve also taken steps to protect the privacy of each and every user.

Professionals In Scientific Fields Are Meeting At WIT Conferences

The CMEM Wessex Institute of Technology conference was hardly the first of its kind. In fact, there were 16 CMEM conferences prior to the one that took place in May of 2015. The conference that occurred in May took place in Croatia. The CMEM conferences discussed experimental measurements and computational methods. There were many presentations by various invited speakers. Alan Harapin from the University of Split in Croatia present on the numerical simulation of coupled problems. Robert Cerny from the Czech Technical University, Masahiro Goto from Oita University and Roberto Callarotti from the University of Turabo all also spoke. The conference convened a number of topics, including computational and experimental methods, advances in computational methods and computer modeling. In order to further the communication that is created by scientists at the conference, the institute also actively publishes and funds various research projects.