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George Soros — Lessons from a Philanthropist

George Soros, an exquisite billionaire, has recently donated the majority of his wealth to Open Society Foundation. He made his fortune by way of being a hedge fund manager and a donor to the Democratic party. The donation has made Open Society foundation the second biggest charitable business enterprise in the international landscape, the first is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The donation made by way of George Soros has placed him in the middle of discussion between the left wing and right wing. Many conservatives think that he has unfairly tipped the scales in preference of liberal politics and democratic philanthropies. Certainly, if we check out the history of Mr. Soros we discover a history of selflessly donating to those in need.

The Open Society Foundation was created more than 30 years ago and it has been instrumental in making the world a livelier, more peaceful place. The Society’s basis is to promote democratic beliefs throughout every sector. They have assisted gays, lesbians, blacks, terrible and uneducated third world countries, and women’s rights. This has been a huge advantage for human rights. The abuse by way of law enforcement officials has been a polarizing point in society; the society fights in opposition of unjust discrimination and works tirelessly to use resources to earn the same rights as others.

At some stage in the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the Open Society Foundation founded many remedy centers round the arena. Had it no longer been for the efforts, sick and negative youngsters without healthcare might have died. George Soros has made many contributions to healthcare in underprivileged sectors all through his lifetime.

George Soros also supports the arts and cultural improvement. He based a center for Roma art and subculture to uplift the Romani residents and make contribution to culture. After the 2016 election, George Soros generously donated $10 million to stopping violence and hate crimes. Many people have been experiencing abuse and unjust treatment by people filled with hate. George Soros made it his mission to stop that from taking place. He has been quoted as saying, “We ought to do something to thrust back in opposition to what’s occurring here… dark forces have been awoke.” The election woke up a few very dark forces that have been previously dormant in the hearts and minds of yankee society.

George Soros has made donations to a couple of politicians. In the Democratic camp, this includes Hillary Clinton. In his fight for human rights, he has been a primary force to benefit women’s rights. He has provided very generous donations to the Women’s March and supported the right for abortion. He has a sense of justice, a clean point of view, and he does not try and cover it.

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In Nazi Germany George Soros saw horrors of the past and started to evaluate his future. He earned a remarkable feeling of the way humans should and should not be treated at a young age. Today, he donates to Jewish rights and is a first-rate opponent towards anti-Semitism.