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An Interview with Lime Crime

Among the many innovators in the makeup industry, one individual stands out due to her innovative product that accentuates the beauty in every user through the use of bright hues and colors. This individual is Doe Deere, a young entrepreneur who has successfully created an internet brand that has earned the attention of countless individuals around the world. Doe Deere is an innovator and has created a product that she has tested and developed herself. Recently, Galore magazine conducted an interview with Ms. Deere in order to discuss her future plans. Galore magazine also wanted to understand her inspiration behind creating these online products and how she gained a love for bright and beautiful colors. Doe Deere, over the years, as proved that she is not just a pretty face within the business industry. Doe Deere is a successful business woman who only wants to share with the world her passion for bright colors.

When asked as to the inspiration behind the products that Lime Crime sells, she responded that she has always had a talent and a love for using makeup. Even at the age of nine, Doe Deere remembers playing dress up with her friends and applying bright makeup to their faces. Though at the time the application of makeup that she provided was hardly professional, this inspired her to pursue the trade that she loves. Doe Deere even added that she often feels as though she cheated with her career by finding something that she really loves to do.

As a business, Lime Crime made the decision to offer her products online rather than in stores. This was a conscious decision to appeal to the consumer. As a businesswoman that relies heavily on the consumer, Doe Deere wants fast responses which are given due to the fact that her brand is based online. This decision not only keeps her humble, but also gives her the motivation to constantly improve the products that she sells to the customers. Doe Deere loves the idea of bright colors because they can be used in such a way to bring out the beauty in anyone.  Follow along at the Lime Crime Twitter, otherwise Facebook is perfect for news and updates.