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Popping with Freedom

Everybody understands that cellular services are too expensive and often have large fee’s and contracts that could imprison the average consumer. Most people need a cell phone for a variety of reasons and would not be able to function correctly in their day to day activity. The market for cell phones have gradually been increasing and now more than ever has there been a need for a more friendly and easy process over all. This is the need that FreedomPop aims to continue to fulfill. FreedomPop functions by leasing from the larger carriers, specifically Sprint, passing on the savings to its customers who choose to enroll on their simple term plans. FreedomPop is not the first to do this, but it’s the only one of its kind attempting to change the way that business is conducted by attempting varying technologies and tactics all to remain as affordable and reliable as possible. They have been able to pioneer the system and general notion of cellular business to bring the first dependable free plan. It’s nearly unheard of to encounter a truly free cellular plan which makes Freedom Pop stand out exceptionally.

Another service they offer is the Hub, a gadget that will connect to the network and provide cellular data connection for multiple devices. This is useful as many people do not have the ability to maintain an internet connection due to location and finances, making FreedomPops’ service even more relevant. It’s known that for years now the nation has been attempting to supply all homes with a reliable and steady hard wired internet connection, especially since many popular services migrated to a system that functions nearly entirely online. Unfortunately till this day many people are held under expensive contracts or the inability to be supplied of an online connection. Fortunately cellular companies have nearly covered many more people than conventional networking, which is why it’s perfect that a cellular service that brings an internet connection is offered.

It’s no doubt that a successful company is only as prominent as it’s CEO and that is why FreedomPop is so different, led by Stephen Stokols they’ve been bringing advancements to the industry effectively and breaking conventional ways of thinking. Releasing an app that connects users to millions of public hotspots and enabling calling, texting, and internet connection is just the start. Stephen has announced that soon they will reach over two times as many hotspots covering an enormous sum of the total percentage of people in the nation.

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