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The Prestigious Wessex Institute of Technology

One of England’s premier educational institutions is the Wessex Institute of Technology. It offers degrees for higher learning and also conducts academic research. The Wessex Institute of Technology is comfortably situated in the South of England at Ashurst Lodge. Its mission is to create methods of transferring knowledge more effectively between professionals of various industries and university academics who are experts in their respective fields. It was founded in the year 1986 by the renowned Professor Carlos Brebbia who had a dream of creating a higher learning establishment that could focus on conferences, research, and publishing of articles for professionals and academics.

The Wessex Institute of Technology is situated in Ashurst Lodge in one of England’s more famous national parks, known as the New Forest. It is located 100km from England’s capital city, London and occupies a massive area totaling 400 square kilometers. People who visit New Forest are amazed by the beautiful wildlife, the natural scenery that has been largely untouched my industrialization, clean air, and other local attractions. New Forest also has a rich history. It was founded nearly 1000 years ago by King William I and it remains a property of the Royal Family of England to this day.

Much research that benefits professional industries is carried out at the Wessex Institute of Technology. As a result, it successfully attracts funding from the government, and corporations who recognize its value to the world. It also partners with Universities across Europe and South America to further its aims. About 25 academic conferences are conducted by the institute every year and they are held in diverse locations. The main purpose is to create a creative landscape where brilliant minds can come together to share ideas and even create new ones collaboratively. Topics of conferences include big data, sustainable tourism, risk analysis, and many other issues that are important for the whole world to be increasingly aware of.

One of the institutes more popular conferences is on the subject of Design and Nature. It publishes an academic journal devoted to the subject because it believes it to be of the utmost importance. Learn more about Wessex Institute of Technology on their website.