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Why you should pay attention to cyber attacks such as Ransomware

Investing News Network, the online investing magazine wrote an article explaining why cyber security should be the top priority of any digital and Software Company. The article highlighted important aspects of cyber crimes such as the ransomware attack that encrypted almost 300,000 computers and software in May 2017.


In the article, Investing News Network elaborated three main reasons for acquiring protection against cyber attacks such as ransomware. It indicated that cyber security is of importance due to the increasing cyber attacks. The magazine reported the threat cost to be $6billion by 2021.


Besides this, the severity of the attacks is also on the rise; they are becoming more devastating. And due to its growing recognition and effects, more companies are joining others in the race to stay safe. They are deploying sophisticated technologies and employing services from notable professional companies such as Rubica.

Rubica is a digital security and privacy company that helps both small and world class corporation to stay safe and private online. With their app on all of your devices, you are sure of safety for you, your family and your business.


Rubica has an exceptional team of experts that monitor your online activity to keep you safe from ransomware. Download their app and stay safe.