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Shea Butter Continues To Be A Top Healer

Are you looking for health and healing for your skin? Try shea butter. Made with antioxidants Vitamins A and E, and also Vitamin F, it’s made also from the tree of the shea nut, which is found quite often in Africa. You’re sure to love the quality of the healing that your skin gets from this product.

Everything about shea butter is pure. You’ll appreciate its natural healing effects, which work on everything from allergies to eczema, and all kinds of other things, too, including stretch marks, aging marks (wrinkles), and blemishes (which, yes, we still get as we get older). And the purest quality is by EuGenia Shea, founded last year.

EuGenia Shea was founded by Naa-Sakle Akuete and her mother, Eugenia Akuete, who are originally from Africa and make shea butter from scratch. The company has grown tremendously, and now you can find their products online. They specialize in pure shea butter with added fragrance, and you can also subscribe for better deals.

EuGenia Shea is made by young women in Africa who live on cooperative farms, and are paid above-average wages and given access to the highest standard of living in order to make the shea butter. It comes directly from them to you, and you can relish its qualities of high-quality antioxidant healing.

If you’re looking for cultural involvement, look no further than EuGenia Shea. Eugenia has served on the board of Global Shea Alliance as president, and remains actively involved in making sure shea butter production is up to international standards. What are you waiting for? Try some today.