Class Dojo is a Great Tool for the Modern Education Environment

In 2011 two entrepreneurs named Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don cofounded ClassDojo. This communication platform was designed to create a direct link between teachers and their students to create a better educational experience. ClassDojo is also used to help teachers and their pupils to create a positive learning environment. Educators that use this product can accurately track a student’s hard work, creativity, efforts at teamwork, their persistence and even their curiosity. The education environment can be challenging. Teachers, parents and students all have their own reasons for being involved within this process. Often times, no one is on the same page. ClassDojo can help to clear some this confusion. Parents, their children and educators can now all be in tune with one another and their needs. Teachers can send information about a student directly to their parents. This way they do not have to rely on a student to relay a message. Since ClassDojo is available in app form, parents and teachers can communicate directly with one another about the progress of a student and their behavior. The developers of ClassDojo wants their app to be used to create a positive classroom environment. When students have a positive learning environment they can focus more and better receive instruction. The app has photo, instant messaging and video sharing capabilities. This is a great way for instructors, parents and pupils to send and receive messages from one another about what is going on in the classroom. Teachers can use ClassDojo to provide instruction from their tablets and/or smartphones. Parents can receive weekly updates on their child’s progress in school and students can frequently check ClassDojo to see what they should do to improve their overall learning experience. ClassDojo provides a ground up change for students and for the learning environment as a whole. Here is something else that ClassDojo has to offer. This application is free to use and it is a useful tool for administrators. The principals and a district’s superintendent must be able to track a school’s performance and progress. While ClassDojo is not designed to replace processes that are used for this purposes; it can be used to give a quick summary about a school’s overall performance. This is a simple and easy way for schools to see how they are progressing all throughout the year. ClassDojo is not going to replace traditional evaluation processes within the school system. However, it is going to improve how classrooms function and learn. There are currently over 3.5 million ClassDojo users who agree that this app is valuable to the field of education.


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