Diversant: Going the Extra Mile

When you are talking about IT staffing, you want a company that is going to work harder than the next to find you the job you have been looking for. Let’s face it: you have worked hard to be in this position. It didn’t happen by accident. It took years of education, studying, and working incredibly hard to be in the spot where you can work for an IT professional. However, Diversant believes that you deserve a company like them that is going to work hard to find the right fit for you. After all, this is the job you are going to have for quite a while and it will be your career, so you want it to be somewhere you enjoy going to work, each and every day.

If you dislike your job and it isn’t the right fit, you are going to become very unhappy. They ask the right questions, get inside your mind, and truly bend over backwards to find the right solution for you in terms of job placement. On their website, they talk about looking beyond the resume and beyond the the job description. They truly want to know the right man or the woman for the job. They take the extra time to look things over that other companies might not think to look at or they might look over it very quickly without giving it the proper time or care that it deserves.

When you look at their leadership and advisory board, there is one man that stands out, however, and that is John Goullet. Everyone plays a vital part in the company, without question, and it wouldn’t work if they weren’t a team that worked together, stayed together, and were on the same page. Goullet has owned his own company before and his company rose in five years to gain $30 million dollars. Fortune 500 companies that have built giant empires and have huge staffs that would rely on John to help them if a problem arose. That is the kind of clout and reputation he is in the IT world and it speaks for itself.

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