Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Keith Mann is Giving the Next Generation a Helping Hand

Dynamic Search Partners is the successful brainchild of Keith Mann who was managing Dynamic Executive Search since 2000. While expanding this business, he recognized that the hedge fund industry and the private equity firms were increasing and they required more services, so, in 2007, Mann turned his executive search with NYC clients to include the financial industry and founded Dynamic Search Partners or DSP.


Less than a decade later, in 2016, DSP has become one of the most successful executive search firms for private equity and hedge funds, and it is known to have the largest database in the country. Keith Mann is a skilled New York entrepreneur and philanthropist who now has DSP offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and as his business increases, so do his philanthropic works.


In 2013, Mann developed a relationship with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn and donated his first $10,000 to the building of their second school. Uncommon Schools is a charter school for students from low-income homes who might not otherwise have a chance for a good education. The leaders of Uncommon Schools designed the curriculum be the instrument that assists low-income students in achieving a college education.


Keith Mann and his wife Keeley also believe education is vital for the next generation, so they joined forces with Uncommon Schools to accomplish and work towards that goal. Today, Uncommon Charter Schools has expanded to New Jersey and Massachusettes as it is growing in New York.


Two years ago, Keith and Keeley worked with business owners in DSP to collect over $20,000 so that the new students would be able to take the standardized testing that is required by the state; and every student got their AP and PSAT testing completed.


Last Year, Keith and Keely began a college scholarship fund for the Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn. Every year, all graduating students will compete in a creative writing essay for the $5,000 scholarship, and this is very significant because they otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. The Manns see the future of America in the young student’s hands, and they encourage other businessmen and women to consider offering a scholarship also.