Everyone benefits from George Soros

They say that money cannot buy happiness, and that may be true, but it certainly can buy a lot of power. Money cannot buy power directly, of course, but it certainly can influence those in power to do what you want. This is because in the political machine of America money is the oil that turns the gears. Politicians need vast amounts of wealth to gain office, and this forces them to butter up to those who have money. Of course, the rich do not just give the money to anybody. They give it to politicians who will support their interests and advocate for their views. We can see this in the giving of George Soros.

George Soros is passionate concerning his leftist beliefs and will verbally trash the right every chance that he gets. Beyond just verbal thrashings, Soros can take it to the GOP by providing vast amounts of funds to bolster the Democrats, which he has done quite often through his profit, Open Society Foundation.

Through the Open Society Foundation, Soros donated to the 2004 presidential bid of John Kerry. During this time, stakes were high. George W. Bush had led the United States into two different wars that we had no business in being involved with. This was destroying the American economy, killing our young men, and destroying our influence abroad. Soros could not stand another four years of Bush. He put money behind his beliefs and backed Kerry with $27 million.

In 2008 Soros would again donate through the Open Society Foundation to the campaign of Obama. For a time, he saw Clinton as the one to back, but he worried about her ability to change policy in the States. He saw how respected Obama was and how he had the hearts of the people. If there were anybody who could convince the population to buy into leftist ideals, it would be him. Unfortunately, after Obama won the office, he did not push the liberal agenda Soros wanted. Soros then pulled all support for him in the 2012 election.

In 2016, Soros would use the Open Society Foundation to put considerable weight behind Hillary Clinton. This giving increased exponentially when Trump won the Republican nomination. In all, Soros gave $25 million to Clinton and another $1.5 million to Democratic Senators who were running tight races in their states.

Once Trump won the presidency, Soros used the Open Society Foundation to stop him from implementing his policies, after all, OSF’s mission is to spread democratic governments throughout the world. To stop Trump, Soros immediately increased funding to MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. Soros also empowered many Super PACs like Immigrant Voters Win, Planned Parenthood Votes, and American Bridge 21st Century which exists to fact check Trump, with his wealth. In addition to this, Soros used OSF to organize and then fund the march for women’s rights the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. This protest saw people wearing pink hats for ladies’ rights.