Fixing Professor Melissa Click’s Reputation

University of Missouri Professor Melissa Click knows first hand how easy it is for one mistake to change your entire reputation. Her entire life was turned around after she was filmed during a student protest. Click believes that she should be judged by her experience and merit as a teacher not a mistake she made when making a split second decision. That is why she is working with Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, to help rebuild her reputation.


Melissa Click has been a teacher for 12 years, and has demonstrated remarkable success, both in and out of the classroom. But that all changed, when during a student protest, she was caught on camera, calling for “some muscle” to remove a journalist covering the protests. She was suspended from teaching and charged with third degree assault. It was a grave mistake, and she knows it, which is why she turned to Status Labs for help. She is hoping that she can help repair the damage she has done to her reputation and get her teaching degree back.


Melissa Click has reached out, with the help of Status Labs to help defend her positions. She agreed to several interviews including one with US Today, in order to help tell her side of the story. According to Click, she was simply trying to defend and protect the student protesters from what had become an unruly and hostile crowd. She knows that her language was harsh, but she believes she was working with the best interests of the students in mind during what was a hostile and emotional time.


Status Labs has successfully handled the reputation of many people like Melissa Click. They are an online reputation management firm that works with their clients to help keep negative information from damaging their reputation.

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