Greg Aziz Bringing Charity and Growth to National Steel Car

Mr. Gregory James Aziz had the goal of obtaining the rolling stock company National Steel Car from its former owner Dofasco. Twenty-five years ago in 1994, Gregory J Aziz managed to purchase the business after a series of work in banking and investment during the later 80s and early 90s as he had received a major in Economy from the University of Western Ontario.

Considering that the Aziz family owns Affiliated Foods, a global wholesale business, Mr. Greg Aziz had had some previous experience in the world of business and handling a company. Mr. Greg Aziz assumed his post at Affiliated Foods in 1971 and worked there over the next 16 years. He saw it become a global importer of fresh foods and products from Central America, South America, and Europe into Canada. The company also distributes to markets in the United States along with Eastern Canada.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz wished to obtain National Steel car in order to restore it to the way it used to be al those years ago. It was a work of passion as the company has had such a long history that it would be a shame for it to die off due to negligence. Gregory J Aziz aims to grow National Steel car to being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

Needless to say, Mr. Gregory J Aziz went in full steam to boost National Steel car and its productivity level. He started with the presence of the business and then moved on to expanding its production capacity. When he obtained the company, National Steel Car was able to produce only 3 500 cars maximum per year. He developed that number to 12 000 by the end of his first five years of ownership. The expansion of the manufacturing capacity called for a more substantial workforce, and so National Steel Car went from 600 employees to 3 000 people over the same period.


As a leader, Mr. Gregory J Aziz was able to recognize how vital the community is for every business, big or small. He had National Steel car concentrate on the Hamilton community more, and the company started funding projects and events oriented towards furthering the progress of Hamilton and then Ontario as a whole.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz has been ding philanthropy for many decades, and National Steel Car is also an active patron including the people working at the now large Canadian corporation.

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