Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen Thinks Bernie Sanders Is A Better Choice Than Hillary Clinton

Thor Halvorssen, the Venezuelan-born founder of the Human Rights Foundation, is not a big fan of socialism. If there was ever a country not to emulate when it comes to political and governmental policies, it is the socialist authoritarianism in Venezuela. Venezuela is a mess. The drop in oil prices has sent the country into a deep recession. The President of Venezuela has no clue how to manage a country, and social unrest is at its boiling point. Thor Halvorssen recently talked about socialism on a Fox News report, and he said Bernie Sanders Democratic socialism is not the same as the socialism that is in place in Venezuela.


Americans are scared of the word socialism. Socialism and communism have been the arch enemies of democracy for centuries. The issue is not the words or their meanings it is the translations of the words that cause the fear and panic. Countries like Sweden and Norway are socialist countries and they function better than the United States functions in terms of healthcare, social benefits, and yes, even freedom. The fact is, all capitalistic countries evolve into socialistic states in one way or another. Bernie Sanders is telling Americans that they need an element of socialism in the government in order for it to function effectively.


Even though Halvorssen is against socialism, he and his group are supporting Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen believes Clinton’s track record disqualifies her as a leader and many people think the same thing. Sanders, on the other hand, has an excellent political reputation, and he’s been able to deal with both political parties equally. In a sense, Sanders is an independent dressed like a Democrat. Bernie has given Americans a lot to think about. He may lose the race, but he has won the respect of millions of Americans for taking a stand against the establishment and promoting the rights of all Americans.

If Sanders wins the election, the United States will enter a new political and social phase, and it will change the face and the attitude of the nation. The nation needs a reboot and Sanders is offering a good one.

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