Igor Cornelsen Saves Investors a Whole Lot of Time


The majority of people that are looking for a chance to start investing will look for books on investing. If they don’t have a broker this is their only investing source. These are good intentions, but good intentions can only go so far. What will eventually happen is people look for a chance to start investing, but many people will never finish the books. They will get into the financial terms of investing, and people will put down these long books and never pick them up again.


Igor Cornelsen himself says investing is always a good idea, he saves people so much time when they want to start investing. He did not write a book. He did not try to make people think that they needed a long over extended explanation on how they should invest. What he has done is put together some simple tips for investing. Cornelsen has stated on Facebook that investors should not put the investments on auto pilot and that they should diversify. These are the most basic tips for getting a portfolio off to a good start.


The other thing that Igor Cornelsen has said via Yolasite, is that investing in the early stages is the key to a better retirement plan. So many people have said that they do not have the money to do this. They wait and wait until the kids are grown and the house is almost paid off. This type of thinking, according to Igor Cornelsen, can be very harmful. Starting a retirement plan is like starting a family. There will never be a perfect time to do this. There will never be enough money for this. It is always best to start early and get the ball rolling.


Igor Cornelsen believes that the compound interest in the important thing that investors have to take a look at. They miss out on so much compounded interest when they wait to start their planning for retirement. It is harder to get into the habit of saving when a person gets older. People that start young can make a good habit of putting money aside and benefit from compounded interest rates down through the years.