Integration of Edisoft Software Solutions into the Supply Chain for Better Performance

Recap: Improving Supply Chain Performance through the Utilization of Big Data

The advancement of technology has played a significant role in the performance of supply chain. For the longest time, performance has been considered the key performance indicator for the transportation department. The measure of performance has often fallen upon the carriers. There are different modes of transportation, and each one is evaluated differently from the others. In the case of Ocean and air travel, the carriers are measured by on-time performance, rail carriers, on the other hand, are measured by scheduled departures.


However, in this era, technology is making things easier, and more data can be used compared to the earlier days ( Nonetheless, issues are still arising in companies that still rely heavily on the carrier performance despite having all this available data. But what if companies concentrated on metrics across functions and trading partners instead of placing the entire performance burden on a carrier? Things have been made a lot easier through the implementation of performance boosting software. One of the leading Supply chain software providers is the Edisoft Company.


Edisoft Overview

Firms that seek improvement of their supply chain performance can now breathe a little easier. Companies such as Edisoft have come up with a configurable Smart Process Supply Chain Service Platform that can help boost a company’s supply chain performance.


Located in Toronto, Canada, Edisoft is not only limited to the North American region but also serves clients from all over the world. They also have a satellite office in Miami, U.S. The company’s software enables other transport operators to get their documentation electronically.


Edisoft has been serving companies since 1995 and has made a difference in supply chain performance through the integration of automated vendor compliance, carrier and carrier management into one system.


A company’s general performance heavily lies on its supply chain. Therefore, the supply chain department is essential (LinkedIn). Edisoft takes pride in enabling manufacturers and distributors to maximize their performance. It is, therefore recommended for manufacturers to integrate such software solutions into their systems. Supply chain performance is not dependent on one factor but several factors.