Keith Mann’s Donations

Keith Mann is an individual with decades of experience with working in executive positions. Keith Mann’s specialties specifically are within hedge fund compensation as well as staffing and hiring strategies. Keith Mann is the proud owner of the Dynamic Search Partners which was founded in 2009 in order to provide expert advice to individuals in both the public and private sector. This alternative investment firm is responsible in hiring investments, marketing and internal strategies, as well as building new and improved platforms for clients. Though he is the CEO of the company, Keith Mann sees his employees everyday and has create a close-knit community within the firm that is dedicated to providing clients with the best business options. Currently the company is an international company that works with clients that are located in Asia, Europe, as well as the United States.

In recent news, Keith Mann and his team at the Dynamic Search Partners have been showing their side of philanthropy. Keith Mann is specifically involved in new ways of improving the education of schools in the city of New York. One of the many donations that Keith Mann continues to make is to the Uncommon School which consists of branches in New York City that offer free education to children with the intent of motivating them to attend college after graduation. Keith Mann and his partnership with the new school has helped to raise $22,000 in funds for school testing for the students of the Uncommon Schools.

Like the Uncommon Schools, Keith is a strong supporter of the education movement. To improve wealth and to improve the overall income of individuals, the key is to reach a higher level of education. Though Keith Mann realizes that this is often impossible especially when one is growing up in a low-income family. Keith Mann hopes that his continuous donations to the branches of schools help improve every single student’s testing capabilities as well as opportunity to go to college. Keith Mann has even created a new scholarship in his name that goes to the high school senior that has demonstrated his full potential.