Kevin Seawright Teams With RPS Solutions To Make Home Ownership Attainable

CEO Kevin Seawright is attempting to make homes more affordable for residents of Baltimore. If you are a first time homeowner, you could qualify with the help of RPS Solutions LLC.

Seawright and his joint partnership with the company is part of his vision to strengthen Baltimore County. The goal is to exceed the current ownership rate of 48% and enrich the lives of people living in the Baltimore Square Community. “I believe we are making huge strides for the people in this community,” said Seawright when talking to LocalTalkNews.

Seawright says its very rewarding to see communities and the individuals who live within them become more stable. Seawright says it is being achieved one home at a time. Raising home ownership is a great thing according to Seawright. Offering individuals a means to have something to call their own gives them a sense of pride.

Seawright and RPS Solutions is helping many Baltimore communities thrive. Each new homeowner is helping the community get closer to its goal of 100% ownership.

RPS Solutions LLC was created in 2015 as a means to help would be homeowners move closer to the American dream. The company renovates and builds affordable homes in lower income communities. The company’s goal is to help grow Baltimore and help achieve the goal of matching home-ownership levels statewide.

Kevin Seawright is a financial guru who has worked for a number of local, state and federal organizations. The Philadelphia native currently serves as CFO of Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation, a position he’s held for three years according to Vizualize.

Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore for nearly 10 years. He was finance manager for the city and implemented several programs to save money. He has won numerous achievement awards and sits on a number of local boards. In his spare time, he coaches little league, and Tweets about issues of the day.   Read more about Kevin on XRepublic.