National Steel Car: Leading The Rolling Stock Manufacturing Industry

The National Steel Car is one of the leading companies in Canada today. They specialize in manufacturing rolling stocks or train cars, and they are considered to be one the most significant rolling stock manufacturer in the world. Established in 1912 by a group of wealthy investors in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, the National Steel Car was founded with hopes that the demand for rolling stocks would go up as the government of Canada invests in transnational railroads. During the first years of the National Steel Car as a Canadian manufacturing company, they experienced a surge in orders. Their clients range from small-time transport players to national rail transport companies. The government of Canada also became their client when they decided to purchase several units of rolling stocks from the National Steel Car.


During the late 1920s, the National Steel Car begins to feel the Great Depression. The once prosperous company is slowly starting to decline, and the orders for rolling stocks crashed. This condition of the National Steel Car worsened when the Second World War began. They had to produce other products to survive. The company manufactured weapons and war vehicles during the war, which helped them become somewhat stable. The profit that they made from the war enabled them to slowly regain the revenue that they’ve lost during the Great Depression. In 1962, Dofasco – a Canadian Steel Manufacturing Company, decided to purchase the National Steel Car. Everything was good until the 1990s came. Another crisis in the rolling stock manufacturing industry broke out. Dofasco has felt that keeping the company under their sleeve would be an enormous liability, so they decided to sell it to Gregory J Aziz, a businessman.


Gregory J Aziz purchased the company from Dofasco in 1994, and under his leadership, he managed to multiply the rolling stocks that are being manufactured by the National Steel Car. Greg Aziz also made it possible for the old employees to retain their position, and he even opened up new jobs for those who wish to join the company. Gregory James Aziz made it possible for the National Steel Car to receive its own ISO Quality certification, and he opened the company’s network for them to be able to export their products. Today, with the help of Gregory James Aziz, the National Steel Car is performing well, and it is considered as one of the most successful Canadian companies. Get More Info Here.