New Brunswick Entrepreneur Omar Boraie Receives Endowment Chair At Rutgers University

Rutgers University’s Cancer Institute is the only cancer facility in New Jersey to apply genomic sequencing to cancer patient care. The care that the Rutgers Cancer Institute provides is part of the precision medicine initiative that President Obama established three years ago. Genomics sequencing work is considered valuable in finding unique therapies for cancer patients who have reached a dead end in the typical cancer treatment process.

Advances in genomic sequencing are giving scientists new avenues to explore in cancer treatments. Precision medicine has the ability to classify cancers into genetic subpopulations. Classifying subpopulations of cancers helps researchers find better individual therapies for patients that have been unresponsive to current treatments.

Omar Boraie, the New Brunswick, New Jersey real estate developer and manager, is one of the 18 donors that were given a Rutgers Endowment Chair. A Rutgers Endowment Chair is the highest recognition a donor can receive in the education system. The Boraie family donated $1.5 million to the Rutgers Cancer Institute. And that donation was matched by an anonymous donor, according to an article published by

Boraie Development LLC is a well-known real estate development and management company in New Brunswick and in other New Jersey cities says Omar Boraie started investing in downtown New Brunswick in 1972. Back then, the only people that came downtown were drug dealers and gang members. But Omar had a vision, so he bought 21 properties along Albany Street, and he decided to build office space for companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Johnson and Johnson’s main office has always been in New Brunswick, and when Bristol-Meyers merged with Squibb, the new company decided to make New Brunswick their headquarters.

The list of high-rise office and residential building that create the downtown New Brunswick skyline include several Boraie Development buildings. According to the NY Times, Albany Street Plaza One was the first high-rise office building project for Boraie Development, and the One Spring Street residential building added living space for downtown workers. In 2003, the Albany Street Plaza Two building was completed. Omar’s company is based in that building. The Boraie “Aspire Building” added luxury condos to the downtown area. New Brunswick became a mini New York City look alike in some areas of the inner city.

The urban renewal in New Brunswick may have come about without Omar Boraie, but according to city officials it would have taken a lot longer and the finished product would be as impressive. Omar Boraie is a professional that cares about New Brunswick, and the work Rutgers does in finding cures for cancer.

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