Norka Luque: A Peek Into the Story of a Rising Star

Norka Luque, who is actually Norka Martinez Luque, has made a real splash on the music scene. The truth is it is the journey that Luque took that truly makes her story stand out from the rest. Those who have met her know that she is a sweet, positive girl who has a real drive to realize all of her dreams. Luque has a personality that simply does not mix with obstacles. Luque was born in Venezuela, which is where she discovered her love for music and where she got most of her inspiration.

Norka’s parents were great to her and showed unconditional support regarding her dream. Her parents enlisted her in voice classes, music classes, ballet, flamenco, and piano classes. Of course, Norka promised to continue her education as she pursued her dreams, which is exactly what she did. In fact, her studies took her all the way to France. It was there where she studied Business Administration. She received several degrees like her Culinary Arts degree, as well as her Marketing and Fashion degree. There was no doubt that Norka took studying seriously, like her parents wanted, but she also joined a band in France.

Her dream was alive but not much was happening until Emilio Estefan Jr. met her and showed some interest in her. Norka Luque refers to this opportunity as the one act in her life that confirmed that miracles are possible because it gave her the opportunity to finally realize her dream of being a singer. Emilio helped guide Norka Luque, and a team of talented composers and artists, to create her first big single called Milagro. Milagro means “miracle” in Spanish. Norka is promoting this single with the help of El Cata. The song has already been featured in the US, Puerto Rico, and her home country of Venezuela. To her surprise, the song has been well-received and is a bona-fide hit. The song is a blend of all the sounds she grew up with (or came in contact with), such as a Caribbean sound, reggae, and even Mediterranean sounds.

It is clear to see that her power as a singer and artist is strong enough to propel her dreams much further, though she has learned to take everything one step at a time. Norka Luque is definitely excited to see where she goes from here, but one thing is for sure: a star has risen.

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