Queens of Drama: A Closer Look At Crystal Hunt

Television is where the stars are born, but it is also where drama unfolds. Some stars on television know a little more than others about drama, especially stars that were featured in successful soap operas. One of those stars is Crystal Hunt who has made an exciting return to television to play a peculiar role. She is playing a dramatized version of herself in the hit show, Queens of Drama. Queens of Drama is a scripted reality TV show that debuted on the POP network back in April 26th, 2015.

Who is Crystal Hunt?

Crystal Hunt, as a member of the Queens of Drama, plays a version of herself that may surprise a few people that know her work or who she is. The person that Hunt plays is actually a blend between some of the characters that she has played before, so there definitely is a controlling streak in her Hunt portrayal.

But there is also another part that some fans may not know about, which is her business savyness. Hunt showcases her business skills and creative abilities to help the group produce their idea for an exciting new soap opera. Hunt also shows how successful she has been with her pet boutique.

Beyond being a photographer, Hunt’s life has definitely been eventful enough to participate in this reality TV show. She started pageants at the age of 2 and, to no surprise, her talent in all her beauty pageants was always acting. Hunt appeared in a few commercials before she got the role that put her in the spotlight, which was the role of Lizzy Spaulding in the Guiding Light soap opera. Hunt also starred in One Life to Live where she played the villainous, Stacy Morasco.

The Queens of Drama Series Uncovered

The series premiered with a full 10 episode first season. The show introduced all the queens, which included many more stars of soap operas that would excite any fan. The show stars Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills.

Donna Mills plays the groups queen bee, and the most erratic of the bunch. Every character plays an essential role in their constant struggle with the life of a soap opera star as well as their mutual goal of creating a new soap opera. The group struggles with introducing a soap opera that could entice a new generation of television-viewers, which makes for great drama.  For more on the show, follow Crystal Hunt on Facebook, and check out some of the great interviews with the girls on YouTube.