Sam Tabar: Versatility in His Specialty

How does one describe and put into words the man that is Sam Tabar? He is a diamond in the rough, that is for sure. He is someone that has seen a lot, done a lot, and been a lot of places. He has a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise in many, many areas. Right now, he is a capital strategist in the word of hedge funding. He is currently dominating that field and making waves. You see, with someone like Sam Tabar, when he does something, he doesn’t just do it half way. He does it all the way and puts his heart and soul into it. It means something to him.

Passion and creativity are two other words that describe Sam Tabar. From a young age, he has always had a curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. If he doesn’t know something, he wants to learn it as quickly as possible. He truly believes that knowledge is power and backs that up with his training. He has worked with several nations and learned many languages. No matter where he is, he wants to stand out, make an impression, and be a man of the people. He knows French, Japanese, and his native tongue, which is English as Twitter makes clear.

Not only does LinkedIn show he has the experience, but he also has the schooling to back it up, showing the discipline necessary to finish school. This ties back to the knowledge theme and him wanting to know as much as possible. He has degrees from Oxford University, as well as the Columbia School of Law. Those aren’t schools to snooze at, as they are some of the best, if not, the best in the states. Because of his legal training, he knows what is right and what is fair.

This is vitally important, because sometimes we live in a world where the good guy doesn’t always win and the bad guy sometimes gets the win. With Sam Tabar, that will never be the case. He is a good guy and will continue to fight for the good guys. He believes the world will be a better place if more good guys win and more good guys do the right thing. With him out there, fighting the good fight, we can rest easy, knowing there is a good guy with experience, knowledge, and power to do something about it. Sam Tabar is a true original.  Contact him through Thumbtack, or follow the future of his investment work on