Shaygan Kheradpir the New Face of Coriant


The management structure and competence of a company determine to a large degree its future success. Tech companies particularly must engage the services of revolutionaries, innovators, and great thinkers to meet changing demands.

Coriant, a tech establishment seems to have made an excellent appointment of their new CEO. The Munich-based firm also has offices in Naperville, USA. Shaygan Kheradpir becomes the new face of the company, and his appointment has received massive public approval. At just 28 years of age, one would dismiss Shaygan as an inexperienced manager, but the truth is that Shaygan has done exceptionally well in his career.

Even at a young age, his innovative genius is evident for all who have worked with him. He started out as an electrical engineer and has an exceptional administrative record in finance and marketing strategy. Under his reign, Coriant’s sales may double and make greater profits as a multinational. Its optical transport and planning solutions act as their key to global expansion.

Shaygan will harmonize the resources at his disposal including over 3000 employees to upgrade existing systems and serve an increasing number of international clients. Coriant has recently been contracted by multinationals such as China Unicom, Telia Sonera International, and BSNL. The tech firm will need to up its game if it’s going to meet international standards and serve these giants diligently.

The story of Coriant proves startups can find their place in a crowded corporate space. All that is needed is innovation and formulation of practical solutions. Coriant owes much of its startup mileage to the Marlin Equity Partners hedge fund. Before Marlin sponsored Coriant’s operations, it was a subsidiary of the Nokia Siemens Networks Cooperation. The investment bank also acquired another tech startup known as Tellabs with the intention of merging it with Coriant. This acquisition adds to Coriant’s infrastructure and the creative process.

Interestingly, Shaygan has been serving at the Marlin Equity Partners for several years now. It’s here that his experience and skills got noticed by the management. This appointment, therefore, sees him swap roles the outgoing CEO Pat DiPietro. The outgoing boss made the acquisition of Tellabs possible and had also been an influential stakeholder in Coriant’s expansion Strategy.

Earlier in his career, Shaygan worked with Verizon as the Chief Information Officer and also vice president. The Barclays bank and GTE have also experienced his input.