Soros rolls through U.S. electoral system like hurricane

George Soros has enjoyed phenomenal success throughout his career. Gaining the reputation as one of the greatest traders of all time, he’s barely had a down year in over 43 years of investing on Snopes. As unstoppable as he’s proven to be in business, he’s enjoyed nearly as much success with his political bets. George Soros has proven himself to be a force of nature which cannot be stopped by anyone but George Soros.

A man who recognizes when he’s wrong

George Soros has famously talked about how his back would begin aching if he had made a poor investment or trade on Forbes. In fact, Soros has attributed his success not so much to being right, but to knowing when he’s wrong. Over the years, this almost uncanny ability to distinguish between accurate mental models and inaccurate ones has enabled him to make astonishing returns, year after year.

Ever since George Soros founded his first hedge fund in 1973, Soros has run up a list of victories so long it can only be described as legendary. Whenever he has taken sides in a fight, the opponent has seemed to come away in worse shape than when they went in. This bookmaker’s knack for picking winners is by itself a great skill on Investopedia. But the levels to which Soros has taken it are truly stratospheric.

For over 43 years, George Soros has racked up annualized returns in excess of 25%. This herculean feat is virtually without precedent in the world of investing. It includes such infamous exploits as the devaluation of the Thai Bhat and the world-famous trade in which Soros single-handedly took on the Bank of England and won. In this latter trade, George Soros bought an incredible $10 billion worth of put options against the Pound Sterling. Such heavy short selling caused the pounds value to begin plummeting in a sort of negative-feedback loop. Eventually, the Bank of England had taken such hits to its currency’s value that they were forced to withdraw from their European Union interest rate agreements. This hammered the pound down even further. Soros walked away with a $1 billion profit for roughly a day’s work. This is remembered as one of the greatest single trades in the history of finance.

Later, Soros began involving himself with philanthropic causes, primarily aimed at creating a more open society. Again, the entire world being aligned against this one-man juggernaut proved insufficient, as the Soros machine crushed governments across Eastern Europe like an Abrams tank, liberating millions from under the jackboots of oppressive regimes.

Soros’ forays into American politics had less decisive results. But, despite losing nearly $52,000,000 in donations to failed presidential bids, he has recently been accumulating an enviable track record of unseating local politicians from coast to coast. Much like in the case of the so called color revolutions, where the one-man Soros wrecking ball smashed through ossified governments, leveling the old structures for new foundations to be laid, he seems to have hit his stride in U.S. political interventions.

Over his life, Soros has proven that often times his most ardent opponents have only one recourse: to pray.