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How Scholar Anthony Petrello Became the CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello happens to be one of those names when mentioned in a certain business conference attracts lots of respect to the world. He happens to be amongst the people in the world with the ability to turn company into a regional giant without many struggles. He is a charismatic manager with great expertise in his field and has always committed himself to the success of what he undertakes. He currently tops the list of the most compensated CEOs in the U.S. Despite the many achievements, he happens to be a humble person with a passion to help many people realize his potential. He is a very humble person who just believes in success for the fellow being. He is also among the few people in the country who have been able to create thousands of jobs for so many people.

Anthony Petrello is also the chairman and the CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is the global giant oil and gas drilling company. It was established many years ago but its turning point was realized when the famous Tony Petrello was able to join the company as the president. He worked for one year and then was absorbed to join the executive committee which he worked diligently. He grew very fast in the organization until he became the chairman. He is always aggressive in his mission towards ensuring that Nabors Industries maintains its good name in the industry.

Anthony Petrello has had a very humble beginning. He was not born the way he is, according to what he tells those people he is mentoring. He has been working for the benefits and achievements of Anthony Petrello’s people and have always dedicated his life and skills to the achievements of his fellow being. Tony’s parents were not wealthy like anybody would tend to think. They struggled so that their son could access education while on the other side, he worked extremely hard towards making his dreams a reality and have always been committed towards success in his career. He is always passionate and did not give up despite attending public schools. He attended public high schools but still performed extremely well.

Tony graduated from the prestigious Yale University whereby he was awarded a scholarship after they realized his ability. He also possesses masters in mathematics from the same University and thus happens to have been a great scholar. Later he left for Havard School of Law and thus changing his career.

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