Town Residential Found Me New York City Real Estate When I Was Ready To Move


I had an experience that was really bad when it came to using a real estate agency that resides in New York City. I was ultimately able to rectify the entire problem and find the home I was looking for through Town Residential. I’m new to New York City, I have a new job, and all I wanted was a home that was close to work. I found the first real estate agency by looking through some ads, and they seemed to be reliable enough. When I first started talking to my agent, they seemed to know what they were doing.


I waited for several days, and I got no phone call back from the agency. When I called my agent, they were very rude to me, and they said that they were just too busy to help me that day. I called repeatedly, and I had even paid the agency money, and I got to the point where I had to go in and ask for a refund. They had the nerve to ask why I wanted nothing to do with them or their services, and I simply took my refund and walked out.


I started working with Town Residential on luxury real estate, which is something I should’ve done from the very beginning. Although it was a hard lesson to learn what a good real estate agency does, I’m glad Town Residential showed me what they are made of, and I felt at home when I first walked into their offices. Not only has Town Residential helped me not to worry about finding a new place, they actually found a place for me, and they did it within the first week that I signed with them.


I was in disbelief when they told me that they had some places for me to see within a couple days, and it only took me a few days before I finally picked the home that I wanted. Town Residential agents are on top of their business, and they know exactly what their clients want. Anyone who wants a home in New York City should only contact Town Residential.