A Modern Take on Personalized Merchandising

Identifying and appealing to a specific customer is the goal of any well thought out marketing plan. In the modern world of merchandising selling a product has become beyond personalized. Companies are using the latest technologies including lifelike virtual reality(VR) interfaces, chatbots and even wearable RFDI technology to appeal to a very specific customer and deliver not just a product, but a personalized experience.

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An exciting change in recent marketing trends is the joining together of virtual reality and AI to create personalized marketing and merchandising of a high ticket item like a car. Some high end car dealers feature a VR cafe where buyers can roam around a virtual showroom and check out the new models with a tour hosted by a hologram. Technology allows all of this to happen without ever having to get behind the wheel. Early adopters have blazed the trail and this is just the beginning of virtual shopping. Picture a typical scene at one of the large retailers that allows shoppers to use VR technology to try items in an environment where it may actually be used. Try out camping gear or play with a tent in a virtual forest for example.

The Coming Convergence of VR and AI Gives Brands Big Opportunities (and Potential Pitfalls)

Another way of marketing a product may be embedding it in existing tech and giving it a new spin. How about using a friendly virtual chatbot called a GENIE to deliver raunchy news stories, peppered of course with subliminal advertising. The genies are first customized by the user, and most people make them look much like themselves. This gives endless product placement opportunities for advertisers.


Yet another area that has strongly embraced personalized merchandising is the travel and cruise industry. On today’s mega ships, RFDI bracelets or medallions provide wearable access to the water park or replace a ship’s card as digital currency for making purchases. You can use it to book dinner reservations, choose shore excursions, open the door to your room or purchase the drink of the day. In this way the technology enhances the overall experience. This allows for dozens, if not hundreds of marketing opportunities. Yet the wearable aspect makes the experience very non-obstructive and it almost seems to disappear.


Companies market products to a specific audience in order to increase sales. A modern, over the top marketing strategy may even adjust the item or experience to appeal to the target market. Imagine family vacations with custom tailored meals, activities and timetables which are infinitely flexible. The opportunities are endless.

Tony Petrello’s Leadership Helps To Leverage Community Service During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey destroyed homes and left an unimaginable amount of damage throughout Houston, Texas. It is now recorded as the worst weather-related disaster in history for the state. With so much to do in the community, the agencies that responded to the destruction were overwhelmed and people were left without the bare essentials to even begin recovery efforts. The employees of Nabors Industries wanted to help.

Matching Funds Contribute to Recovery Efforts

The employees of Nabors Industries had the help of CEO Tony Petrello to organize a relief fund for those who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Nabors Relief Fund was established by Tony with small donations from the employees and matching donations by their CEO. Tony was pleased and proud that his employees would follow the typical service-minded mission of the company to help within the community. Together, they raised $173,000 to aid in the recovery efforts.

Compassion Brings Hope for Community Service

Tony has been on the front-line with giving to communities. He founded the Petrello Family foundation with the very concept that giving back to the community brings a wealth of support when it really counts the most. When the employees of Nabors Industries decided to also embark on a community service project to help in the recovery efforts, Tony made sure that those employees would be compensated for their loss of wages. Tony instructed Nabors Industries payroll to approve all recovery effort time as paid time off.

Continuously Giving Results in Advanced Research

Tony’s charitable giving has brought many outstanding results to the Texas community. He was the primary donor for the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute. With his initial donation of $5 million followed by an additional $2 million to complete the project, the Jan and Dan Duncan Research Institute is now helping to bring advanced research and testing within neurological diseases that affect many adults and children all around the word. Tony is also a board member for Texas Children’s Hospital which is affiliated with the research facility.

Leadership Earns High Pay and Admiration

Tony is the highest paid CEO in the Country; earning $27 million in 2015. However, with that compensation package he’s been able to help many people throughout Houston, Texas. While many residents in the community might never know his affiliation with the charitable contributions he’s bestowed, there are 1,200 Nabors Industries employees that have now seen his compassion and giving heart.

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George Soros — Lessons from a Philanthropist

George Soros, an exquisite billionaire, has recently donated the majority of his wealth to Open Society Foundation. He made his fortune by way of being a hedge fund manager and a donor to the Democratic party. The donation has made Open Society foundation the second biggest charitable business enterprise in the international landscape, the first is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. The donation made by way of George Soros has placed him in the middle of discussion between the left wing and right wing. Many conservatives think that he has unfairly tipped the scales in preference of liberal politics and democratic philanthropies. Certainly, if we check out the history of Mr. Soros we discover a history of selflessly donating to those in need.

The Open Society Foundation was created more than 30 years ago and it has been instrumental in making the world a livelier, more peaceful place. The Society’s basis is to promote democratic beliefs throughout every sector. They have assisted gays, lesbians, blacks, terrible and uneducated third world countries, and women’s rights. This has been a huge advantage for human rights. The abuse by way of law enforcement officials has been a polarizing point in society; the society fights in opposition of unjust discrimination and works tirelessly to use resources to earn the same rights as others.

At some stage in the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the Open Society Foundation founded many remedy centers round the arena. Had it no longer been for the efforts, sick and negative youngsters without healthcare might have died. George Soros has made many contributions to healthcare in underprivileged sectors all through his lifetime.

George Soros also supports the arts and cultural improvement. He based a center for Roma art and subculture to uplift the Romani residents and make contribution to culture. After the 2016 election, George Soros generously donated $10 million to stopping violence and hate crimes. Many people have been experiencing abuse and unjust treatment by people filled with hate. George Soros made it his mission to stop that from taking place. He has been quoted as saying, “We ought to do something to thrust back in opposition to what’s occurring here… dark forces have been awoke.” The election woke up a few very dark forces that have been previously dormant in the hearts and minds of yankee society.

George Soros has made donations to a couple of politicians. In the Democratic camp, this includes Hillary Clinton. In his fight for human rights, he has been a primary force to benefit women’s rights. He has provided very generous donations to the Women’s March and supported the right for abortion. He has a sense of justice, a clean point of view, and he does not try and cover it.

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In Nazi Germany George Soros saw horrors of the past and started to evaluate his future. He earned a remarkable feeling of the way humans should and should not be treated at a young age. Today, he donates to Jewish rights and is a first-rate opponent towards anti-Semitism.

Everyone benefits from George Soros

They say that money cannot buy happiness, and that may be true, but it certainly can buy a lot of power. Money cannot buy power directly, of course, but it certainly can influence those in power to do what you want. This is because in the political machine of America money is the oil that turns the gears. Politicians need vast amounts of wealth to gain office, and this forces them to butter up to those who have money. Of course, the rich do not just give the money to anybody. They give it to politicians who will support their interests and advocate for their views. We can see this in the giving of George Soros.

George Soros is passionate concerning his leftist beliefs and will verbally trash the right every chance that he gets. Beyond just verbal thrashings, Soros can take it to the GOP by providing vast amounts of funds to bolster the Democrats, which he has done quite often through his profit, Open Society Foundation.

Through the Open Society Foundation, Soros donated to the 2004 presidential bid of John Kerry. During this time, stakes were high. George W. Bush had led the United States into two different wars that we had no business in being involved with. This was destroying the American economy, killing our young men, and destroying our influence abroad. Soros could not stand another four years of Bush. He put money behind his beliefs and backed Kerry with $27 million.

In 2008 Soros would again donate through the Open Society Foundation to the campaign of Obama. For a time, he saw Clinton as the one to back, but he worried about her ability to change policy in the States. He saw how respected Obama was and how he had the hearts of the people. If there were anybody who could convince the population to buy into leftist ideals, it would be him. Unfortunately, after Obama won the office, he did not push the liberal agenda Soros wanted. Soros then pulled all support for him in the 2012 election.

In 2016, Soros would use the Open Society Foundation to put considerable weight behind Hillary Clinton. This giving increased exponentially when Trump won the Republican nomination. In all, Soros gave $25 million to Clinton and another $1.5 million to Democratic Senators who were running tight races in their states.

Once Trump won the presidency, Soros used the Open Society Foundation to stop him from implementing his policies, after all, OSF’s mission is to spread democratic governments throughout the world. To stop Trump, Soros immediately increased funding to MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa. Soros also empowered many Super PACs like Immigrant Voters Win, Planned Parenthood Votes, and American Bridge 21st Century which exists to fact check Trump, with his wealth. In addition to this, Soros used OSF to organize and then fund the march for women’s rights the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration. This protest saw people wearing pink hats for ladies’ rights.

Dr. Imran Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine Fills the Medical Services Void in Asheboro and Ramseur NC

As an internist, Dr. Imran Haque specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of adult illnesses. Dr. Haque received his medical degree with honors from Santo Domingo’s Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE)in 1998. He furthered his education through the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Dr. Haque completed his Residency in Internal Medicine with the Virginia based Carilion Health System.

Dr. Imran Haque has been in practice for 19 years. He is currently licensed and practicing in North Carolina. His hospital affiliations are with Kindred Hospital-Greensboro and Asheboro’s Randolph Hospital. Dr. Haque has made it his mission to bring the good bedside manner back to medicine.

With offices in Asheboro and Ramseur, NC Dr. Imran Haque’s current practice is Horizon Internal Medicine. His business model for this practice is to provide medical services that are not available in the Asheboro Ramseur area.

Depending on their condition Dr. Haque’s patients use him as either a specialist or primary care physician. Horizon Internal Medicine’s website http://www.horizoninternalmedicine.com/ lists eight services provided by Dr. Imran Haque and his staff.

360 Resurfacing-
• 360 Resurfacing-Offered in both Asheboro and Ramseur this is the repairing of skin damage using a laser.
Laser Hair Removal-
• Laser Hair Removal-Available in both offices this procedure removes excess body hair.
Venus Body Contouring-
• Venus Body Contouring-Available in Asheboro VBC is the tightening of loose skin and or the diminishment of cellulite.
Physical Exams-
• Physical Exams-Asheboro only.
• Diabetes-Dr. Haque provides screening, treatment, and education in his Asheboro office.
Weight Managment
• Weight Managment-Offered in Asheboro this is primarily an educational program.
• Botox-Injections are given in the Asheboro practice to smooth facial lines and wrinkles.
Dermal Fillers-
• Dermal Fillers-Injections that augment the bodies supply of hyaluronic acid which gives volume to the face and lips.

The opinion that his patients have of Dr. Imran Haque speaks best of his skills as a physician. His patients gave him a four out of four-star rating on Web MD.

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Securus Technologies: Making prisons safer

We live in uncertain times, crime and injustices have become the order of the day. How then do we ensure that our public is safe, how do we ensure that crimes against humanity are investigated on, how do we make sure that these wrongs are corrected and monitored? Securus technology offers civil and legal solutions to our questions.


Securus Technologies started in 1986. The institution aims at reducing the number of crimes committed in prisons. The establishment prides herself on making society a safer place for us all. Among her products is a system that detects illegally acquired cell phones in correctional facilities. The prison company also offers telephone facilities to the inmates.


On the 21st of October last year, the establishment spoke to PR Newswire about their contributions and overflowing positive feedback they have received from their customers over time. The input was through comments from letters and emails sent to them by law enforcement officers distributed all over prisons in the United States.


One such comment commended the establishment for helping them solve a prison corruption case. Through Securus Technologies, the facility was able to make use of phone call details of the suspect to acquire a search warrant. The accused was after that arrested and charged with corruption.


The second comment came from a correctional officer who, thanks to Securus Technologies, was able to solve drug-related issues and crimes in prison. By monitoring inmate calls, the officers were made aware of alcohol and substance use and supply in the facility. A past case was also cracked thanks to the information found o this monitored calls.


The third comment thanked Securus Technologies for providing a platform unto which cases regarding work-related harassment and abuse is investigated.

Prisons are now a little safer for inmates and correctional officers thanks to Securus Technologies.


Dr. Mark McKenna’s Professional and Personal Life

Dr. Mark McKenna holds an MD and MBA, and he is licensed to practice medicine and surgery in Georgia and Florida. He is a board-certified doctor, who is passionate about treating patients with various illnesses. It is no wonder that he became a patient advocate when he began his career in medicine. Dr. McKenna is originally from Los Angeles, but he is currently working and residing in Georgia.

Real Estate Development

While most people know Dr. McKenna as a real estate enthusiast, not many know how he came to have two passions. A graduate from the Tulane University Medical School, he started practicing medicine in collaboration with his father. It was at this time that he decided to launch his own real estate development firm. McKenna Venture Investments was established, and shortly after, he acquired Universal Mortgage Lending. At the same time, he launched Uptown Title Inc, and the rest is history. His real estate firm offered a wide range of services, including financing and designing projects.

ShapeMed and OVME

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005, Dr. McKenna’s businesses were destroyed. After the hurricane, he resolved to help rebuild the New Orleans community by offering low-cost housing for the residents. In 2007, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta, GA, where he launched another company called ShapeMed.

ShapeMed was later bought by Life Time Fitness in 2014. Up until 2016, Dr. McKenna was the National Medical Director of the new company. In 2017, he decided to establish another company called OVME, which is a medical aesthetic company whose mission is to reinvent elective healthcare provision.

Personal Life

Apart from his thriving professional life, Dr. McKenna is a family man. He has a wife called Gianine, and they have daughter, Milana Elle. They also own a dog called Ryder. When he is not working, Dr. McKenna loves to hang out with the family. He always tries to set aside time for dinner, so as to catch up with his family duties. In his free time, Dr. McKenna also loves reading.

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How Scholar Anthony Petrello Became the CEO and Chairman of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello happens to be one of those names when mentioned in a certain business conference attracts lots of respect to the world. He happens to be amongst the people in the world with the ability to turn company into a regional giant without many struggles. He is a charismatic manager with great expertise in his field and has always committed himself to the success of what he undertakes. He currently tops the list of the most compensated CEOs in the U.S. Despite the many achievements, he happens to be a humble person with a passion to help many people realize his potential. He is a very humble person who just believes in success for the fellow being. He is also among the few people in the country who have been able to create thousands of jobs for so many people.

Anthony Petrello is also the chairman and the CEO of Nabors Industries. The company is the global giant oil and gas drilling company. It was established many years ago but its turning point was realized when the famous Tony Petrello was able to join the company as the president. He worked for one year and then was absorbed to join the executive committee which he worked diligently. He grew very fast in the organization until he became the chairman. He is always aggressive in his mission towards ensuring that Nabors Industries maintains its good name in the industry.

Anthony Petrello has had a very humble beginning. He was not born the way he is, according to what he tells those people he is mentoring. He has been working for the benefits and achievements of Anthony Petrello’s people and have always dedicated his life and skills to the achievements of his fellow being. Tony’s parents were not wealthy like anybody would tend to think. They struggled so that their son could access education while on the other side, he worked extremely hard towards making his dreams a reality and have always been committed towards success in his career. He is always passionate and did not give up despite attending public schools. He attended public high schools but still performed extremely well.

Tony graduated from the prestigious Yale University whereby he was awarded a scholarship after they realized his ability. He also possesses masters in mathematics from the same University and thus happens to have been a great scholar. Later he left for Havard School of Law and thus changing his career.

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Gregory Aziz Chose a Company That Looked Like it Had No Future

Not many years ago, the steel car production company National Steel Car was at risk of closing its doors. They had once been a very successful and profitable company, but they were no longer able to get those results. The company had taken a hit when the rail industry had seen changes due to a change in the way people shipped things and moved cargo around. Many companies had chosen to use the air industry instead of the freight industry to get things from place to place and that made many companies feel the problems with it.


When Greg Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco, he had no idea about anything in the rail industry. In fact, he had never even worked with a company that was related to the rail industry. Instead, he had worked with banks, corporations and big businesses that were all in Canada. He also worked for his family business Affiliated Foods, after graduating from Ridley College and later after joining Western University. Since National Steel Car was still a Canadian company, Gregory Aziz was confident he knew the way things could work for the business, but he had no idea of what it would take for him to get to the point where he would be able to make National Steel Car a profitable company.


Gregory James Aziz made it his mission to make National Steel Care better. He saw the value in the company even if it hadn’t been performing well in the past. He also saw it was a company that had a great infrastructure. He only had to change a few things to make sure it could be a profitable business. When he made these changes, it allowed him to make more money for the company. It also allowed him the chance to show people they would be able to get more from the industry if they were going to use his steel cars.


Despite things being difficult for the company when Greg Aziz first bought it, he knew it had potential. Gregory J Aziz worked tirelessly to help people realize they could actually enjoy everything the company had to offer. He showed other rail companies they could benefit from the steel cars he was producing. He worked so hard that he was actually able to make the company the best it could be. He chose to show people what they could get from the company in different areas despite missing out on some of the things that happened over the years when the company was doing poorly.

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Greg Aziz Bringing Charity and Growth to National Steel Car

Mr. Gregory James Aziz had the goal of obtaining the rolling stock company National Steel Car from its former owner Dofasco. Twenty-five years ago in 1994, Gregory J Aziz managed to purchase the business after a series of work in banking and investment during the later 80s and early 90s as he had received a major in Economy from the University of Western Ontario.

Considering that the Aziz family owns Affiliated Foods, a global wholesale business, Mr. Greg Aziz had had some previous experience in the world of business and handling a company. Mr. Greg Aziz assumed his post at Affiliated Foods in 1971 and worked there over the next 16 years. He saw it become a global importer of fresh foods and products from Central America, South America, and Europe into Canada. The company also distributes to markets in the United States along with Eastern Canada.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz wished to obtain National Steel car in order to restore it to the way it used to be al those years ago. It was a work of passion as the company has had such a long history that it would be a shame for it to die off due to negligence. Gregory J Aziz aims to grow National Steel car to being the leading railroad freight car manufacturer in North America.

Needless to say, Mr. Gregory J Aziz went in full steam to boost National Steel car and its productivity level. He started with the presence of the business and then moved on to expanding its production capacity. When he obtained the company, National Steel Car was able to produce only 3 500 cars maximum per year. He developed that number to 12 000 by the end of his first five years of ownership. The expansion of the manufacturing capacity called for a more substantial workforce, and so National Steel Car went from 600 employees to 3 000 people over the same period.


As a leader, Mr. Gregory J Aziz was able to recognize how vital the community is for every business, big or small. He had National Steel car concentrate on the Hamilton community more, and the company started funding projects and events oriented towards furthering the progress of Hamilton and then Ontario as a whole.


Mr. Gregory J Aziz has been ding philanthropy for many decades, and National Steel Car is also an active patron including the people working at the now large Canadian corporation.

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